I hope you're reading this

Dear Candice
disaster has officially came
our relationship has ended

i would really want to turn back time
and undo all the wrong things i've done
as i love you so much
and i still cant let go of you

all i can say is that i love you very much
and i wish that i would have a change to make things right with you
I've tried talking but i guess
you just didn't let my words go through

i've been a paranoid and controlsive freak
after some events
I've never been like that at the start...
i've caused you so much trouble
and i've made it hard for you
i'm really sorry for all the things i've put you through

and the worse part is...
i didn't appreciate the effort you were putting towards me lately..

I just want to say a few things..

1st and foremost...
I have loved you every single day i was with you
No matter how hard times were..i've always loved you
You're the only one i've loved the most and someone i can't forget..

you're also the most beautiful girl
i've ever met and i'm not lying about it
No matter how you see things,
i've always thought you're the most beautiful girl I've met

Your character is unique and thats what i loved about you
but somehow i changed lately and i couldn't see the reason
i fell in love with you in the 1st place

You've always been there for me
eventhough sometimes i just can't see it
you're always there caring and waiting for me
you're the one i depend on..

Eventhough i thought i was protecting you from danger
(being controlsive)
the only thing i was doing was pushing you away from me
i deeply regret this

Candice I love you so much and i will change back to my old self
if you give me a chance.

One Chance is all i'm asking of you
I will give away anything to just have to chance to be with you again

but i guess its too late
and i can't turn back the hands of time

There are so many memories of you
that i can't forget
such as our:
1st date

our first funny photo
our first couple tee

our first trip
the wine we had when i asked you to be my girlfriend
Nuffnang's music bash

Nuffnangs Angels and Devils
Nuffnangs Stand out

last but not least
i've written a song for you in this event
i've promised you a song before but i just didn't write it..
so here it is..
its titled "without you"

Life is getting lonely without you
since you left me here i'm feeling like a fool
no hope or love to cling on
its hard for me to go on
all the memories that we shared will fade away

Without you
its very hard to live
without you
my heart is torned to bits
without you
the pain is building deep inside of me
Without you..without you..
my life is not complete

I just want to ask..do you still love me?

A relationship is all about love. If you love me the way I do to you
You can stop this from ending.

Thats all i've gotta say..
and i'll be right here waiting for you

I love you Candice and I hope that love will be returned

Lots of love..


~ Xi@nGCooL ~ said…
Hey pal....
cheer ya....
WIsh you all the best!
Samuel C said…
thx guys..i really appreciate it..

just hope she is seeing this..
TheJessicat said…
fuck u sam. fuck u fuck u fuck u. U just made me cry so much thinking about my past. and if she doesnt cry as much as i did, I'd be surprised. Please babe, give my good friend here another chance? Don't run away... love is something so sacred. Don't take that risk by running away just bcos ur afraid to be hurt. Things do happen.. for the worse. and when they do, all you've got is each other. It's both of u against the world. Please as a friend, im asking u just to continue givin him d strength that uve always have. This guy is sincere, don't lose him. please.

Evelyn G. said…
I hope she reads it and return back to you T_T
Cathy C said…
It's so touching.DAMN! Hey, hopefully everything will work out just fine..If it doesn't, you can't do much but to move on.All the best!
Josh E Wawa said…
No matter how things will be, you'll always have me by you dude.
No one will understand the things you've done before and she will never know how much you regret nor how much you wish you could turn back time, as much as the way
I understand u..


Take care of yourself..