Estee Lauder Warehouse sale at Rennaissance Kuala Lumpur

As mentioned in a previous post..
I had the chance to go to the most anticipated sale of the year
which is

This sale is quite exclusive
and its by invitation only!!

The make up products sold were:

Bobbi Brown
Estee Lauder
La Mer

and perfumes were:

Michael Kors
Tommy Hilfiger

The best part of this sale is
Every item has a discount of 50% up to 70%
so basically
i saved about half the money i spent on the products that day

so i got 2 tix courtesy of Erin
She is a real nice girl
a free lance make up artist
and the best part is
she gives out freebies for this type of events
you can join her on her facebook page

so anyways on last sat
The event started at 8am and ended at 3pm
Me and Candice headed off to Rennaissance KL
we supposed to leave at 8am
but ended up waking up we left about 11
and reached there about 12

but it was good we left late also
as i was having a chat with the staff there
believe it or not..
The Que started at 4am in the morning!!!
and the best part is..
The que at 8-10am
was from the ballroom till the road outside the hotel

just imagine two lines like this...

going down the stairs

through a hall and to the road

thats how crazy the people were for the products

okays so anyways..

getting a tour inside the ballroom
Make ups (M.A.C eye shadows & lip gloss)
Other make up items (clinique,estee lauder,origins)
perfumes section 1
perfume section 2
my bag full of items
and this is the total bill for Me & Candice

okays i know it isn't that much...
but i'm not rich so yeah..
didn't spend too much
imagine if there wasn't the discount?
i'll spend about RM1000++ =S

I saw Rich Women buying a few bags full of products
which costed to more than RM10k =.=
jealousy strikes me =(

all the products we bought
were in good condition and also at a very reasonable price
was really satisfied that day
and i cant wait for next years sale=D



Normi said…
I was there too, but came quite late cuz hate the queue. That auntie bought 10k is for sure to resell back like what my friends did. Last year I also bought those parfums more than RM1k then resell back to people & gain RM700.00 profits. Now lazy to do already.
Samuel C said…
why didn't i think of that =.="
WTH lol...
Ewin Ee said…

big amount also werttt ur receipt!
Samuel C said…
lol its still not that much compared to the other woman lol...
anyways its mostly candice stuff hahaa
erin wong said…
Wahhhhhhhh... Got promo summore! =) Ten kewwww worrr...

And I also spent about there. RM550. Very proud of meself.

Am jz gonna giveaway some of the products to members of my FB group. I'm not one of those rajin enuff to resell!
Samuel C said…
hehe thats the last i can do =)

wow thats nice of you =) i'm oso not those kinda ppl to rajin resell hahaa