A Dinner & Gift from the Agong

Well technically
its not me who went for the dinner
My Aunt was invited by the Agong (Malaysia's King) to a
fine-dining dinner
She said the food was excellent
and there was top class service

alright skipping the crap

As usual for dinners
You'll be given doorgifts
so my Aunt gave it to me as she didn't need it

my first thought was:
then my aunt handed it to me..
and here goes the "Door Gift"

It came in a Yellow packaging

2nd thought:
Wow Its a Gold and blue Wallet
Until i found out:
its a notepad? WTH?????
Agong gave a notepad?
WTH???? =.="""

and the best part is:
its the RM0.70 notepad inside it =.=""

wow how stingy can the Agong be?

i mean

it should be a nice door gift..

but a RM0.70 notepad with a casing


Malaysia Jatuh Standard dah... lol

nvm la i'll still use it since its given by the Agong



TheJessicat said…

omg . so if i give u a golden BMW cardboard cover with a tricycle inside u happy ar? AHHAHAHAHAHA
Unknown said…
not agong give u present, is the person who buy the cheap notepad give u present. i wonder agong knows about this
Samuel C said…
Jess: haha you're nuts

Baby: yeah the Agong's underlings haha
Nic said…
better than them wasting our money giving leatherback notebooks.. RMB, THEY SPENT ON OUR INCOME TAX
rebel_heart said…
LMFAO @ this!!

I thought it was a wallet too.