Cheer 2009

1st things 1st...

i kinda regretted it
as this is the 1st time in 6 years that i didn't go

My working hours at TGI Fridays are FIXED
so i can't make changes to my schedule
hence...i couldn't attend it

From a lot of sources
and also from viewing the videos from Youtube..

This years cheer standards have dropped a lil
the really good teams were only 10-15 of them
but also there are improvements in some teams
which made a better placing this year
Good job all of you who were competing! =)

but the sad part about this year is

My team mate Melissa Campbell dislocated her ulna and radius
when she was doing her backhandspring
for the Charm performance
and is currently out of action for 6 months

Just wanna wish you a swift recovery
and will be waiting for you to be back on the team =)

so anyways...
this video is made by my friend Kelvin
he was also my teamate in Charm
but now has left the team
to continue his job

He is a professional Photographer/Videographer
and if you do need any services from him
do not hesitate to call him up for quotations and and the offers he has

or you can visit him at his blog =)
You can also check his blog for the photos in Cheer 2009
here is his trailer of Cheer 2009:
last but not least

just wanna say Congrats to all da winners
and good job to all da participants

We Shall await for Cheer 2010 =)