Thursday, July 30, 2009

It ends

Candice i'm sorry i made it hard for you
I guess all my efforts so far has turn to waste
as you have already made up your mind
and would not want to talk to me again

eventhough you read my post and letter
you still felt it was childish and immatured
but the truth is..
I wrote the previous post on my blog
as it was the feelings in my heart
as i was scared the letter would not reach your hands
and it wasn't to get sympathy and attention from others

I guess i was desperate for you back here
and if it did struck your mind as Childish and Immatured
i'm sorry i did so

Since you wont let me in anymore
i would just want to request one last thing
can you please put the effort to just be as close
as we were before we even were together?
as we were so close when we weren't even in a relationship

I have already lost you as a Girlfriend
i wouldn't want to lose you as a friend too

and all i can say now is
I hope you find the happyness and freedom you wanted
and i'll always be here for you

and promise me one thing
please take care of yourself...
dont die before i do


Saturday, July 25, 2009

I hope you're reading this

Dear Candice
disaster has officially came
our relationship has ended

i would really want to turn back time
and undo all the wrong things i've done
as i love you so much
and i still cant let go of you

all i can say is that i love you very much
and i wish that i would have a change to make things right with you
I've tried talking but i guess
you just didn't let my words go through

i've been a paranoid and controlsive freak
after some events
I've never been like that at the start...
i've caused you so much trouble
and i've made it hard for you
i'm really sorry for all the things i've put you through

and the worse part is...
i didn't appreciate the effort you were putting towards me lately..

I just want to say a few things..

1st and foremost...
I have loved you every single day i was with you
No matter how hard times were..i've always loved you
You're the only one i've loved the most and someone i can't forget..

you're also the most beautiful girl
i've ever met and i'm not lying about it
No matter how you see things,
i've always thought you're the most beautiful girl I've met

Your character is unique and thats what i loved about you
but somehow i changed lately and i couldn't see the reason
i fell in love with you in the 1st place

You've always been there for me
eventhough sometimes i just can't see it
you're always there caring and waiting for me
you're the one i depend on..

Eventhough i thought i was protecting you from danger
(being controlsive)
the only thing i was doing was pushing you away from me
i deeply regret this

Candice I love you so much and i will change back to my old self
if you give me a chance.

One Chance is all i'm asking of you
I will give away anything to just have to chance to be with you again

but i guess its too late
and i can't turn back the hands of time

There are so many memories of you
that i can't forget
such as our:
1st date

our first funny photo
our first couple tee

our first trip
the wine we had when i asked you to be my girlfriend
Nuffnang's music bash

Nuffnangs Angels and Devils
Nuffnangs Stand out

last but not least
i've written a song for you in this event
i've promised you a song before but i just didn't write it..
so here it is..
its titled "without you"

Life is getting lonely without you
since you left me here i'm feeling like a fool
no hope or love to cling on
its hard for me to go on
all the memories that we shared will fade away

Without you
its very hard to live
without you
my heart is torned to bits
without you
the pain is building deep inside of me
Without you..without you..
my life is not complete

I just want to you still love me?

A relationship is all about love. If you love me the way I do to you
You can stop this from ending.

Thats all i've gotta say..
and i'll be right here waiting for you

I love you Candice and I hope that love will be returned

Lots of love..

Friday, July 24, 2009

District 9

Nuffnang is giving out premiere tickets to this movie

Now what is this movie about?
obviously...aliens lol

okay this is not a pic of the alien inside the movie lol

This Universe is so big..
you'll always be wondering
are we alone in this universe?
or are there aliens hiding in distant planets
etc etc etc

now just imagine
if we meet an alien
This might be a conversation between us and them


this is a short sypnosis of the movie:

Thirty years ago, aliens made first contact with Earth.
Humans waited for the hostile attack,
or the giant advances in technology. Neither came.
Instead, the aliens were refugees, the last survivors of their home world.
The creatures were set up in a makeshift home in South Africa’s
District 9 as the world’s nations argued over what to do with them.
Now, patience over the alien situation has run out.
Control over the aliens has been contracted out to
Multi-National United (MNU), a private company uninterested in
the aliens’ welfare – they will receive tremendous profits if
they can make the aliens’ awesome weaponry work. So far,
they have failed; activation of the weaponry requires alien DNA.

The tension between the aliens and the humans comes to a head
when an MNU field operative, Wikus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley),
contracts a mysterious virus that begins changing his DNA. Wikus
quickly becomes the most hunted man in the world, as well as the most
valuable – he is the key to unlocking the secrets of alien technology.
Ostracized and friendless, there is only one place left for him to hide: District 9.
Humans have always questioned the existence of alien life forms.
What if they’re already living on Earth? How would humans and
aliens co-exist? Answers to these mysteries will be revealed in
District 9 by Peter Jackson

*copied from nuffnang as i have no time to rewrite this thing in my own words*

so anyways if you want to win the tix to this
go to the nuffnang blog
and comment on it =)

Shall see you aliens there!!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Dinner & Gift from the Agong

Well technically
its not me who went for the dinner
My Aunt was invited by the Agong (Malaysia's King) to a
fine-dining dinner
She said the food was excellent
and there was top class service

alright skipping the crap

As usual for dinners
You'll be given doorgifts
so my Aunt gave it to me as she didn't need it

my first thought was:
then my aunt handed it to me..
and here goes the "Door Gift"

It came in a Yellow packaging

2nd thought:
Wow Its a Gold and blue Wallet
Until i found out:
its a notepad? WTH?????
Agong gave a notepad?
WTH???? =.="""

and the best part is:
its the RM0.70 notepad inside it =.=""

wow how stingy can the Agong be?

i mean

it should be a nice door gift..

but a RM0.70 notepad with a casing


Malaysia Jatuh Standard dah... lol

nvm la i'll still use it since its given by the Agong


Monday, July 20, 2009

Estee Lauder Warehouse sale at Rennaissance Kuala Lumpur

As mentioned in a previous post..
I had the chance to go to the most anticipated sale of the year
which is

This sale is quite exclusive
and its by invitation only!!

The make up products sold were:

Bobbi Brown
Estee Lauder
La Mer

and perfumes were:

Michael Kors
Tommy Hilfiger

The best part of this sale is
Every item has a discount of 50% up to 70%
so basically
i saved about half the money i spent on the products that day

so i got 2 tix courtesy of Erin
She is a real nice girl
a free lance make up artist
and the best part is
she gives out freebies for this type of events
you can join her on her facebook page

so anyways on last sat
The event started at 8am and ended at 3pm
Me and Candice headed off to Rennaissance KL
we supposed to leave at 8am
but ended up waking up we left about 11
and reached there about 12

but it was good we left late also
as i was having a chat with the staff there
believe it or not..
The Que started at 4am in the morning!!!
and the best part is..
The que at 8-10am
was from the ballroom till the road outside the hotel

just imagine two lines like this...

going down the stairs

through a hall and to the road

thats how crazy the people were for the products

okays so anyways..

getting a tour inside the ballroom
Make ups (M.A.C eye shadows & lip gloss)
Other make up items (clinique,estee lauder,origins)
perfumes section 1
perfume section 2
my bag full of items
and this is the total bill for Me & Candice

okays i know it isn't that much...
but i'm not rich so yeah..
didn't spend too much
imagine if there wasn't the discount?
i'll spend about RM1000++ =S

I saw Rich Women buying a few bags full of products
which costed to more than RM10k =.=
jealousy strikes me =(

all the products we bought
were in good condition and also at a very reasonable price
was really satisfied that day
and i cant wait for next years sale=D


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Digi & Nuffnang MMS SPeak up Malaysia

Digi with nuffnang has organised a contest called
this contest is only for Digi users

You're supposed to snap a picture and mms it to 016-6029778
with your caption
you can snap any type of picture..
there are some entries from other people
about etc etc
You can view the pictures here

The prizes includes
Cash prize of RM3000
GSC movie passes
Ipod shuffles
LG Cookies

well i supposed to do this a long time ago
but i was quite busy with stuff
so anyways
my picture that i snapped and mms is:
Well everyone knows
my mind always revolves around sex content

I created this
because it is a very big issue and
because this is very important for the citizens of Malaysia
since the numbers of HIV patients in Malaysia is constantly increasing

as everyone knows
HIV is a virus that CANNOT be cured
it will attack the human immunity system
and leaves the host open to attacks of other viruses/bacteria

A serious attack of HIV will often lead to AIDS
where many have already died from it

HIV is often transfered from a person to another
by Sexual intercourse
such as Oral Sex, Anal Sex, and Normal sexual intercourse

so since HIV can't be cured
it only can be prevented

by using a thin layer of latex (condom)
it is able to trap the semen/vaginal fluids/blood with HIV
from the host to the other person

so by just using a condom
it'll ensure that HIV can't be transfered from a host
to another person

By using a condom:
1: Numbers of HIV patients in Malaysia will decrease
2: Death rate in Malaysia will decrease
3. It'll protect the non infected person
4. It will create healthy and safe society in Malaysia

so i just want to speak up and say



Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mcdonalds gave me RM150 =D

This is something so unexpected
I recently joined the blogging contest
which involves the

so i created a video and a post on it
heres the link:

but sadly
i didn't win the Iphone
and it was stated that there is only one grand prize

The Iphone was won by
Alex Lam
his video is really good too =)

so anyways continuing this post
I recently read Joshua's blog
and this is one of his post

as he also joined this competition
and he got a letter from McD
and as a token of appreciation
he got 2 coupons which is
A sausage Mcmuffin Coupon
and a McChicken Coupon

as you know..
coupons require a certain purchase before you can redeem the coupon
so i was not really looking toward getting that mail also

then a few days back
This is the exact conversation between me and my mom

Mom: Sam you got a letter from McD
Me: ahh...its nothing wan la...just coupons inside..just throw away
Mom: Oooh for that contest ah?
*Mom opens the letter*
Me: yalar they ony give coupons only...not worth it la that competition
Mom: Its written..Dear Samuel...
As a token of appreciation, we hereby enclosed a RM150 Cash voucher for you and your family...bla bla bla
Me: WTH?????
so yeah...

Mcdonalds aint that kiam siap =)
don't know why but somehow i am pretty happy with the RM150 =D
sorry joshua i dont know what happen to yours =X

The letter from Mcdonalds

The letter close up

RM150 cash voucher

Vouchers in RM10's

15 pieces of it =D

so all i can say..

i'm a happy man for now =)

Mcdonalds here i come!!

*see? who says you dont get extra

when you put more effort to your work?*



Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cheer 2009

1st things 1st...

i kinda regretted it
as this is the 1st time in 6 years that i didn't go

My working hours at TGI Fridays are FIXED
so i can't make changes to my schedule
hence...i couldn't attend it

From a lot of sources
and also from viewing the videos from Youtube..

This years cheer standards have dropped a lil
the really good teams were only 10-15 of them
but also there are improvements in some teams
which made a better placing this year
Good job all of you who were competing! =)

but the sad part about this year is

My team mate Melissa Campbell dislocated her ulna and radius
when she was doing her backhandspring
for the Charm performance
and is currently out of action for 6 months

Just wanna wish you a swift recovery
and will be waiting for you to be back on the team =)

so anyways...
this video is made by my friend Kelvin
he was also my teamate in Charm
but now has left the team
to continue his job

He is a professional Photographer/Videographer
and if you do need any services from him
do not hesitate to call him up for quotations and and the offers he has

or you can visit him at his blog =)
You can also check his blog for the photos in Cheer 2009
here is his trailer of Cheer 2009:
last but not least

just wanna say Congrats to all da winners
and good job to all da participants

We Shall await for Cheer 2010 =)


Friday, July 10, 2009

being random

i got bored

so i would just wanna show this pic:
now wth does that mean?

i've just wasted 2 minutes of your time =P


Thursday, July 9, 2009

By the way..

By the way..
The Previous post is not about my girlfriend
*just to make things clear*

thx to everyone who cheered me up


Sunday, July 5, 2009


I realise that the past few months
i've become someone else
i'm not the same person i used to be

Emotions are constantly raging
every single small thing will tick me off..
Sadness is appearing everywhere
with Hatred by the side
Loneliness accompanies me everytime
Jealousy is building up in me
I feel Disappointment in many aspects in my life
i realise i'm becoming crazy and paranoid
in short i'm an Emotional Wreck right now

I'm putting on a mask to cover up my feelings
where i know that i'm broken inside
from nearly every single aspect of life

Sometimes i wonder
why do i live?
It seems there is no reason for it
It seems like everything is lost
and can't be gained back again


Friday, July 3, 2009

Estee Lauder's warehouse sale 2009

Yes for every women who loves cosmetic products

this is the most awaited warehouse sale this year


Date: 18 July 2009
Day: Saturday
Time: 9am
Location: Renaissance Hotel

and thanks to Erin..
She has given me 2 tickets to go for this sale

Unfortunately or fortunately (depends on how you see it)
due to the high demand for it,
no one can go into this sale unless you have
exclusive invites given out by the staff of Suria Meriang
(Estee Lauder company name in Msia) itself.
my tickets

alright everyone would be thinking
why would a guy like me be interested in this?

i know for a fact that EVERY GIRL which loves make up
will kill me for the tickets
as the products there will be much cheaper
and i know that It'll make my baby very happy =)

as for those people who don't know why this sale is so fantastic
Estee Lauder Group
has a few brands under it

and the brands that are gonna be on sale are:

Skincare and Makeup:
Bobbi Brown
Estee Lauder (of cos)
La Mer
Michael Kors
Tommy Hilfiger

And unlike some warehouse sales where you go
and leave feeling disappointed...
The EL sale is one that NEVER does that.
The goods that you get there are
always in good condition, and worth getting!

Can't wait for this day to come!
i'll c you there!! (whoever who is going)