Stand Out with Tiger =D

Stand out with Tiger
has been held at HQnine at TTDI plaza
on the 6th June 2009

Tiger has launched its 3 new designs
which are
Graphysics, Rise and Energy

so in conjunction with Tiger
The event was held
and it was one of the biggest events
by nuffnang dis year =D

It started about 7pm+
and ended about 10.45pm
basically the theme is STAND OUT
so many ppl came in different outfits and attires

and there were many prizes to be won
such as
GSC movie tix
Armani Belts
Ray Ban Shades
Nintendo DS Lite
Coach Handbags
X-box 360
and a HP Laptop

so cutting the crap
and starting up:
HQnine bar at TTDI Plaza
Registration Counters
The Cow AKA Benard signing
look at his hoofs xD
My signature =D
Dressed up as an Inspector
Candice and I
*credits to Brendan*
Simon who dressed up as..
superman hahaha!!
Great effort by him to save cost
he cut out the advertisement from the newspapers
to stick it on his shirt
Howard, Ren
, Samantha
Tian Chad, Nigel
Joyce, Kent
There was a Free flow of Tiger Beer
during the whole event
Taylors College Students
The Crowd
Mei Ni, Benard
Manda, Shon
Candice with peeps
Bernard, Jovi
Liang, Swat guy XD
Mei Ni, Lin, Brendan, Me, Manda
Me, Nia, her brother
Candice, Me, Teck Weng, Cathy
Me and Joyce
and Timothy says:
The buffet counters were open

After dinner
it went to Games
where awesome prizes were given out
Spartans kissing Liang
Tian Chad and Kenny Sia at the pantyhose game
Kenny Sia won all the rounds
and he managed to get a pair of Ray Ban shadesNuffnang gave us "nuffnang dollars"
so we could bid for some people which has mystery prizes with it
The prizes varied from stupid items such as:
a roll of toilet paper
A toilet brush
to items that are awesome such ash:
an Armani Belt
and a Nintendo DS Lite
Osama was one of the people on auction

so continuing the story
now comes to the best dressed Female & Male
of course the theme is stand out
so this are the nominees that stood out from the crowd
The Nominees
Edward Scissorshand aka Joseph Lee
he appeared as Freddy Cougar in the LG's Devil & Angel Event
but this time
he managed to win himself the X box 360 =)
who won the Coach handbag
and not forgetting Kenny Sia..
Flashed his bush!

as the event was drawing closer to the end
There was a surprise birthday celebration
for Mr Timothy
Timothy with the cake
and he was stuck on with plenty of Birthday wishes
from nuffnangers
so as the event ended
plenty were busy snapping photos here and there
and for our own Mr Benard: He finally took of his Cow costume
it was saddening as..He sweated like a pig in there
(his costume was drenched in sweat)
and he didn't win the X box 360
sad case for him
so this are the last few photos of the night:
and not forgetting
Ms Candice Lee
you mean the world to me :) <3
Last Group pic of the night
Stand out with Tiger with the white detective
managed to get all 3 designs which are unopened =)
so the event was a blast
and i can't wait for the next big event by nuffnang =)


Benard Yap said…
hey bro..benard here...nice blog u hav here...:)
DiEsE said…
Hi there Inspector Gadget!!
Pork Chop said…
Hi Inspector Gadget, i am stealing two of ur gadgets (photos) to be used in my blog! hehe :P

btw, nice posting XD
Samuel C said…
benard: hehe hellow cow =) thx hehe

Diese: yeaps haha but i have no gadgets lol

Pork Chop: sure thing =) thx
Simon Seow said…
Hello. Up up and away.
Mandylogy said…
Hi hi hi,how r u? xoxo
Samuel C said…
Simon: Fly simon fly!!! *oops i think i saw some red underwear fall* xD

Mandy: i'm doing fine =) xoxo hehe
YewJin said…
inspector gaget... haha. anyway cool outfit. i felt under dress haha.
weijie said…
haha inspector siol ! hello ~ :D
MsXeRoZ Nicole said…
Nice to see you :)
Luckily u dun have a picture of y face in the pantyhole~! XD
Samantha Chow said…
wow u damn efficient so fast blog ady! :D

btw gd pic of kennysia on table! I couldnt manage to grab a pic of it unfortunately :(
Samuel C said…
Yew Jin: hehe thx..O.o who were u at the party? i cant really recognize xD

Wei Jie: hello =)

Nicole: nice to see you too =) yeah lucky me =) i'll be embarrassed like crazy haha

samantha: yeah i couldn't sleep so i blogged bout it haha =) i can give u the original copy if u want =)
Ren said…
so fast XD
i duno when only gonna blog bout it :P
youngcampbell said…
you guys really had fun lah~ wish i was there :D
LiNLiN said…
heys there!!!! thats so sweet of you and candice..same goes when you guys were in jealous...wish im like that too..^^
LiNLiN said…
heys there!!!! thats so sweet of you and candice..same goes when you guys were in jealous...wish im like that too..^^
Anonymous said…
nice suit! =)