Overated Music

Technically Asians comprises of
a big lot in the world
but but but but..

The main music industries for Asia is mostly in
Korea, Japan and Taiwan only..
why arent we as popular as the westerners
in music sense?

Yeah we're popular at our own regions only
but not completely worldwide

Yes we do have the talent
Yes we do have the technology
Yes we have everything that can record, videotape
advertise and so on..

are the Westerners too overated?

For an example:
This are some videos by David Choi
who is an Korean living in America
he is a musician, singer and song writer
His versions of songs are mostly acoustic covers

still underated but yeah bet he'll be famous one day
his acoustic version for Katty Perry


as you see..
his version of Womanizer came much earlier compared to
The American Rejects
but still..The Ah Mo's get more publicity compared to us
he is not to say the most handsome person around
but his music can be considerably good

So about all the requirements
we have everything to be awesome in the industry
when would we rise up
to take our place in the Music Industry? =S