Land Of the Lost

I managed to get 5 tickets for the premiere of
Land Of The Lost
courtesy of Nigel Sia
headed over to cineleisure with Joshua, Candice, Eunice and Nicholas

Overall the movie was a dumb movie
even the cineleisure people said:
"you have to leave your brain
outside the cinema to watch this movie"
thats how stupid the movie was

overall rating: 2/10

Nicholas and Joshua sleeping on the way there

In the Cinema

Bryan, Mon Wei, Me, Candice
*courtesy of howard*

so anyways
after the movie
Me, Candice, Joshua and Nicholas
headed over to Restaurant OK at TTDI

one of the reasons why we always head there
is because of the ever mouth watering
"Char Kuay Teow"
This Char Kuay Teow is much different compared to the normal ones
as there is fried pork fats (char chu yok) (i donno how spell it)
inside the kuay teow
and the texture of the kuay teow is So sooo good..

the result:
Josh got pregnant after the kuay teow hahaa
doesn't make sens =.="

anyways later at night
i went out with Chun Hien and Lauren
we headed off to souled out for dinner
sorry no pics though

and we headed off for beer at
Brussels Beer Cafe

Brussels Beer Cafe is located at
Jaya One, Jalan Universiti there
they serve a wide range of beers
that can't be found in the market

The prices of the beers ranges from RM15 onwards...
there are many types of fruity beers
and if you have a big group of friends
you can also get a big TANGKI of beer..
for about RM100++

too bad didn't have enough to buy this time

Quality: 8/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 7/10

its a good place to chill =)

Map to Brussels

The interior of Brussels

My Maredsous
its an awesome beer
about RM30++
with about 10% of alcohol

Chun Hien's Hoegarden draft
a really big glass for less than RM20
about 4% alcohol

Lauren's Timmermans
its a fruity beer which is something like sparkling ribena
about RM30++
about 4.9% alcohol

Lauren and I

Wanna give a big thank you to
Lauren for spending us the beer =)



~ Xi@nGCooL ~ said…
I wont watch the movie since you strongly recommend not to do so :)
Anyway, the char kuay Teow looks so nice....
You can cook it?....
Samuel C said…
haha yeah..its a dumb movie
i can cook it
but not as nice as the auntys wan lol