Holidays are here

After 2 weeks of hell
exams are finally over!!

some of the subjects were pretty tough
especially french =S
it sucks when you learn a foreign language
which is so confusing =S

havn't updated my blog lately cos of the busy-ness
but now i'm having a 1 week holiday
before i start my industrial training
shall be working at TGI Fridays from june 30 onwards =) haha
but i should be mostly at the kitchen area wheeee

so anyways finally after 2 weeks
i am able to watch
Terminator Salvation
yeah i know i'm a late ass watchin dis movie
havn't been able to watch any movies lately =(

The good thing is: i dont have to line up for tickets

bad thing: i'm superr outdated

Terminator didn't live up to my expectations
and even Arnold was so CGI generated
the only nice thing i like about the movie is the bikes =D
awesome shit =)
the sadest part is..
why did marcus need to die =(
okay looking at both of em...
nearly everyone would agree marcus looks hotter than john connor
and the only thing Christian Bale did in his role is
"You are the resistance..
bla bla bla bla...this is John Connor"

so continuing this post

I finally went clubbing at Euphoria after...errr 8 months?

yeah i know its long but it really saved me the money

and the time consumed over it

so anyways..I headed to Euphoria rather late

as Charlie last minute invited me there

so we had a few drinks (thx charlie for paying)

and we just chilled over there

Mervyn and Charlie

Mervyn acting pro =.=
Wan Chi
Wan Chi, Chung, Charlie
Me and Lauren
Me, Chung, Lauren
as usual the dance floor was packed..
ladies night with lotsa batangs on the dance floor =.=
defeats the purpose of ladies night haha

oooh!~ i miss the lightings

anyways had a lot of fun since a long time ago
so yeah..
gonna enjoy my holidays~~