Great Deals at Studio R

My basketball shoes have been all torned up
and wacked up..

so its time to get new ones =)
since my budget is pretty tight..
i had to source for better deals for new shoes
one of the best deals offered currently is by:
Studio R

they are having a rebate on selected shoes
when you trade in your old shoes
Your old shoes can be of any brand or type
as long its old and it can be traded in haha =)

the rebates that are offered are from RM50-RM150
This promotion is until 3rd of July only
Trade in your old shoes
a closer look
the old shoes

so anyways after trying out different models over there
i finally made my choice
based on the comfort of the shoe

i bought a white and blue basketball shoe
which only costed me RM169 after the rebate
it was originally RM269 before that

so..i saved up to RM100 =) wheee Reebok =D
my new shoes

i'm content with my new shoes
do grab yourselves your own pair!!



~ Xi@nGCooL ~ said…
Maybe I shall grab pairs of hiking shoes....haha...
super tight budget i have...haiz..
Samuel C said…
haha gogogogo~~~~
few days left lol