Why you should not go to starbucks ss 15

Two days ago i headed over to
Starbucks at SS 15
cos i had an exam the next day
so i wanted a place that is nice to study
and yeah
Starbucks has been my friend for studying
since i was form 5
somehow i'm able to study more there

alrite cutting the crap!

this may change your perception towards starbucks at ss 15
as everyone know
ss 15 is quite a dirty place
I'll let the pics explain the rest

Starbucks SS 15

Study materials

here it goes:
it looks like a normal table

well technically it is a normal table

as you zoom in
and zoom in some more!

we see our beloved FRIEND =D

well it is ss 15..its dirty..
He was about a inch and a half in length
so just imagine..
if this is crawling in the starbucks hall
how bout in the kitchen/pantry?

so would you go starbucks again? =D
yeah you're F**ked!! =D