Have you McValue Lunch today?

The Title says it all =)
Mcdonalds McValue Lunch is now happening nationwide!

Mcdonalds is on this promo now
to promote its lunch to everyone as
nearly everywhere you go
you can see banners and advertisements of it
this are some samples of the advertisements:
Mcdonalds advertisement on the bus
advertisements in the lift
at Mcdonalds itself

so so so so
whats this promo about?

starting at a low price of RM5.95

you can get yourself a decent meal for lunch
from 12pm-3pm EVERYDAY!!
read my words

the meals that are available for this low prices
are the:

Fillet-o-fish mcvalue set which is my personal favourite

or the ever classic McChicken mcvalue set

and just by adding another RM2
at RM7.95
you are able to get:

a Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe set

or the ever mouth watering Big Mac set!

and guess whats the best part about this promo?

McValue Lunch is now available with


how awesome is that?

just imagine a day stuck at work or college
and you just have to dial the number 1300-13-1300
and McValue lunch will be delivered at the same price
of RM5.95!! or rm 7.95!!

and you can also try:
putting your crispy and delicious fries with your burger!

its an awesome blend =)

And this are my 2 videos for Mcdonalds McValue Lunch =)
This is my McDonalds Trailer=)
with inspiration from Nigel Sia =)
And this is how i promoted Mcdonalds Mcvalue lunch
at various places
Inspired by DustyHawk
Enjoy =)
so what are you waiting for?
Get a McDonalds McValue Lunch today!!!
for only RM5.95 or RM 7.95!