LG Blog launch party!

LG blog launch part was a blast!
it was held on the 8th May
at Metropol bar KL @ Menara Hap Seng

The LG blog was made to communicate with
customers & consumers of LG products
so it'll tell you about the latest product information..
along with various activities by LG which ease public queries
on the latest developments of LG Electronics in Malaysia.

so so so so
LG organized the blog launch party
and it was themed as Angelic White and Devilish Red
and there were a huge bunch of Nuffnangers invited to this party =)

whats an event without prizes?
LG has set up a list of prizes for the party such as
2 32 inch LCD for the best dressed Angel & Devil
2 LG cookies for "out of place" Angel & Devil
and last but not least
a LG arena for the best blog post based on the event
so the event started out at 8pm
well it wasn't that packed yet till later =)

I invited Candice
and we both came as devils
alright i didn't know what got into me
and i painted my face
got up the most devilish Trench coat
Spiked up my hair like a durian
and there I am!
Candice and I
-Courtesy of Howard-
so anyways
LG also gave everyone a baloon
where inside the baloon
there is a secret message
which is gonna be used for the lucky draw

The event started off with a couple of speeches
and about 9pm
The LG blog was launched =)
and fireworks went up and baloons came down
LG directing manager

so the party continued
there was a free flow of drinks
and yeah we had lotsa conversations with other bloggers =)
i'm happy too as this event let me know many other bloggers=)
The inside =)
My old friend Howard
my childhood friend Mon Wei
Hitomi and I
Evelyn and I
Ying and I

Well halfway during the event
i couldn't take it anymore
as my face paint was literally MELTING
cos of the heat and the sweat
so i really couldn't tahan anymore
went to the washroom
washed it all off
Sue and I
finally i'm without paint on da face

so anyways here came the long awaited time
where the LCDs and Cookies were going to be given out
so there were a few angels and a few devils that were picked out
I was one of the devils
DAMN i shouldn't have washed the paint off =S
but i kinda stoned in the whole thing
didn't listen to what the MC said
hence i didn't know what to do lol
and i embarrassed the shit out of myself hahaaa
Pai Seh Shit lol
Announcing the Devils & Angels
do the cha cha =D
Jolyn won the LG cookie
for the most "out of place angel"
Kim took the 32 inch LCD for the best dressed Angel
Freddie Cougar aka Joseph Lee
The Devil that won the LCD
for the best dressed Devil
Jovi who won the LG cookie
for the "out of place" devil

so yeah after that the lucky draw was called
bursting of baloons were everywhere
and the event ended
but the party still went on all night =)
so this are the last few photos of the night
Candice, Me and Victoria
Me and Serge
Me and Bernard
Jovi and I

he actually made his tridant and the skulls and everything
congrats on the phone! =)
Mon Wei and Candice
Candice and I
and the last photo of all =)
the group photo
-courtesy of Howard-

so the event was a blast
and is one of the best events that i've been to =)
Thanks Nuffnang and LG!



Lyle Gogh said…
dude, black scrollbar on a black background ??
Samuel C said…
lol true hor..
i didn't realize till now =.=