I'm a standout in life

Tiger Beer is launching a new themed
Limited Edition Tiger beer bottle!!
and guess what? it comes in 3 designs!
which are
Graphysics, Rise and Energy
which really stands out from any other beer!

so now...
Why do i stand out?

well technically

i am a POSER and a adventurest guy
trying to do all sorts of shit
crazy things and weird things
and in this post
i'm able to BRAG about myself!
Here are the 8 points on why i stand out:
-sorry for the lameness and ss-ness-
The first point
on why I stand out :

Physical features =P
I have a nice ROUND butt! hahaaa =.=
i have naturally unhairy legs
not shaven nor waxed =)

that towel tore when i was wiping myself lol =S
guess i was too HOT!
lol!! =.= syok sendiri
and i've got a womans body=.=
and i'm not gay! =)

The 2nd point
on why i stand out:

I stand out because...
I'm a genius!!! *ss*
i'm a nerd in disguise
i managed to get that without studying anything
for my sales and marketing exam

okay i'm bullshitting..
of course i did study =.= hahaa
I managed to finish my Grade 8 in piano
when i was 13 years old=)
Certified by ABRSM
and thats a fact=)
and this is one of my videos for the previous nuffnang music bash 09
damn karated video actually hahaa
note: i didn't play piano for about
4 years adi and attempted this
I've achieved Master Level
for Cheerleading Coaching =)
certified by the NCSSE of USA
and thats also a fact! =)

The 3rd point
on why i stand out:

I'm a MALE Cheerleader!
and i'm proud of it!

(CHeerleading Association Register of Malaysia)
which is the National Governing Body of Cheerleading
in Malaysia

yes in Malaysia..
there aren't much male cheerleaders
as many will say its sissy
and also for girls with skirts and pom poms
but to get things straight!
Cheerleading was started by a GUY in USA
Performing at Bukit Jalil

The 4th point
on why i stand out

I'm a monkey

as the saying goes
Monkey see monkey do
following Zohan =D
hiding from teachers during high school
Climbing around
Bukit Jalil + Pyramid + Star LRT

and the best of all:
i climbed the pyramids lol =D

The 5th point
on why i stand out:

i'm a Crazy ass Chef =D
yes i'm taking hospitality management
and i enjoy F&B a lot!
so let me present to you the things i'm capable of:
Peeling Apple Skins to my Initials
(Samuel Chew Jianjian)
I'm able to cook french fine dining =)
and able to make nice pies and cakes =)
and lastly..
I'm able to make Erotic Pastry! =D

The 6th point
on why i stand out:

I'm a dancer =)
trained in many areas
such as Hiphop, Breakdance, freestyle, Latin, Ballet & Popping
performances i did
I'm able to stand on my toes
Break dance

The 7th point
on why i stand out:

I'm a fisherman!
yes many will say its a boring sport
which requires much patience
and its not suitable for my age
(i'm 19 btw)
but well i do it
and the fishes are fresh and juicy!

7th point
on why i stand out:

I'm a crazy about hair
love trying out new crazy funky styles
and doing it to others too =)
hairstyles during my younger years
and my trademark hairstyle
What i do during class
and of course:
Queen Amidala Hairstyle! lol

8th point
on why i stand out:

I'm all about art
i love art alot
and design most of the things myself
such as:
my coin tower made out of 1 cents
no glue attached yah=)
presents i make to give to others

so that are the 8 reasons on why i stand out =)
but seriously...
This pic will explain everything:


inkish27 said…
HAHA... seriously a standout

whats with the erotic pastry! HAHAHHA
Samuel C said…
thx ink! =)

hrmm technically..everytime i have pastry class..we'll do something crazy=) and our horny-ness is the reason the pastry is like this hahaha
HitoMi Ng said…
whoa, You really Creative!!

I sure cannot get Hp notebook edi...

now just wan to blog to get the tix lol
Samuel C said…
hehe thx hitomi =)

haha actually i just want to go for da event actually =)

just was bored then i made this crazy post haha

humiliating myself too lol =P
R u going to dress as a belle on StandOut party? I am sure u will be very standout and bring back a XBOX. Hmmm...maybe a coach bag? ;p
HitoMi Ng said…
no la, you are not. let's make it that way, when you wanna win, you must make urself look stupid abit...

but seriously I was impressed
not even a tiny sense of humiliation Okie
Samuel C said…
TianChad: yeah i know!! but then seriously damn paiseh if i do wear as belle hahaaa...imagine i get the coach bag hahaa =)

Hitomi: i am crazy =D but still donno what to dress as =) actually got a lil humiliation lo...hahaa=)
thx for supporting!
Samantha Chow said…
i like the bottom right picture of ur hair! hahaha should wear that to col! :P
Samuel C said…
sam: i did once lol..everyone looked weirdly haha

meera: lol i'm not! haha