I'm a happy man =)

The picture says it all =)
didn't really catch much on my fishing trips lately
and finally
yesterday was the 1st time i went night fishing
and i managed to catch a 2 catfish
and 2 pacus

The catfish ain't that big..
probably about 1kg for both of em

but the pacu...
whoa the left one was about 1kg++
and the right was 2kg ++

the fish species pacu
can be considered as the Malaysian Piranha
it gives a really big fight when its on the line
and the best part is..
it has really sharp teeth
that can bite the line until it snaps
and somehow...

one of the pacu managed to bite
Joshua's 1 inch hook into 2 pieces
thats how scary it is lol =D

it brought so much joy to my life hahaa =)
I'm a happy man =)



~ Xi@nGCooL ~ said…
wau....so geng!!
pui fuk!
Samuel C said…
=.= u know i dont know canton...whats pui fuk? lol