BBQ at my place

As the weekend came
every few times a year
I'll have a bbq at my place..
for such events as my b'
so on so on la..

so in collaboration with my b'day
(walao sound so grand ony =.=)
I had a bbq ...again

Sry to those that i didn't invite
as my place is rather small
and i can't fit a lot in

So mainly the people present for this BBQ
was my classmates at college & classmates at high school
and of course some personal friends =)

So it was a nice sunday evening
as there was no rain
perfect weather for a bbq
and a big fiesta for about 30-40 people
as there were no parents around

not many shots about this bbq
as i was busy entertaining everyone
*strip show starts*
lol =.=

i'll let the pics explain the rest:
Teck Weng, Tieng Wei, Me My darling neighbour Tieng Wei
Me, Adeline, Jo Ling, Mon Wei
My close friend Adeline
My ex & close friend Jo Ling
My Childhood Friend Mon Wei
She is such a darl..
check her post:
u can see our pics when we were young hahaa

Banana Chocolate Cake baked by my sister

being as jakunz as ever
-some ppl said i wore the same shirt last year-
*not sure though hahaha*

drunk asses singing on the road

and I wanna say thanks to all the presents you guys gave
appreciate them very much
there are some i didn't take photos of
*no hard feelings yah boon*


Fed Ex delivered hahaa

Alain Delon Shirt

Lemax cork handle fishing rod

couple keychain


fake donuts lol

foosball grips
Greenwich Polo Club Belt & Wallet set
Kiss my ASS t-shirt

so anyways
thanks guys for everything! =)
Group pic with classmates from high school
Group pic with close friends & some classmates from college

The only regret i had that day is..
i didn't manage to take a pic with Candice =(
she didn't allow me to =(
ah nvm there'll always be next year