Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm a happy man =)

The picture says it all =)
didn't really catch much on my fishing trips lately
and finally
yesterday was the 1st time i went night fishing
and i managed to catch a 2 catfish
and 2 pacus

The catfish ain't that big..
probably about 1kg for both of em

but the pacu...
whoa the left one was about 1kg++
and the right was 2kg ++

the fish species pacu
can be considered as the Malaysian Piranha
it gives a really big fight when its on the line
and the best part is..
it has really sharp teeth
that can bite the line until it snaps
and somehow...

one of the pacu managed to bite
Joshua's 1 inch hook into 2 pieces
thats how scary it is lol =D

it brought so much joy to my life hahaa =)
I'm a happy man =)


Friday, May 29, 2009

BBQ at my place

As the weekend came
every few times a year
I'll have a bbq at my place..
for such events as my b'
so on so on la..

so in collaboration with my b'day
(walao sound so grand ony =.=)
I had a bbq ...again

Sry to those that i didn't invite
as my place is rather small
and i can't fit a lot in

So mainly the people present for this BBQ
was my classmates at college & classmates at high school
and of course some personal friends =)

So it was a nice sunday evening
as there was no rain
perfect weather for a bbq
and a big fiesta for about 30-40 people
as there were no parents around

not many shots about this bbq
as i was busy entertaining everyone
*strip show starts*
lol =.=

i'll let the pics explain the rest:
Teck Weng, Tieng Wei, Me My darling neighbour Tieng Wei
Me, Adeline, Jo Ling, Mon Wei
My close friend Adeline
My ex & close friend Jo Ling
My Childhood Friend Mon Wei
She is such a darl..
check her post:
u can see our pics when we were young hahaa

Banana Chocolate Cake baked by my sister

being as jakunz as ever
-some ppl said i wore the same shirt last year-
*not sure though hahaha*

drunk asses singing on the road

and I wanna say thanks to all the presents you guys gave
appreciate them very much
there are some i didn't take photos of
*no hard feelings yah boon*


Fed Ex delivered hahaa

Alain Delon Shirt

Lemax cork handle fishing rod

couple keychain


fake donuts lol

foosball grips
Greenwich Polo Club Belt & Wallet set
Kiss my ASS t-shirt

so anyways
thanks guys for everything! =)
Group pic with classmates from high school
Group pic with close friends & some classmates from college

The only regret i had that day is..
i didn't manage to take a pic with Candice =(
she didn't allow me to =(
ah nvm there'll always be next year


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy birthday to ME =)

Yes 22nd May strikes again
and now i'm finally
19 =)

well my day went totally normal
just having wishes from everyone
and i wasn't really expecting anything actually
as it was a busy day for me
a combination of 3 of our Groups
were organizing a Forum

so yeah everyone was so busy with their own things
to ensure that the whole forum was a success
after the forum was over
I had a shock of my life
as in literally..

I was just using the laptop to do some work
while the Chairman(Chung) was doing his final speech
suddenly the whole auditorium blacked out
technically i was still blur
black out in happens every once in a while

and suddenly everyone started singing
and a cake came in
aww i'm so touched by u guys..
you really made my day =)
Secret Recipe Brownie
my fav =)
Me and my groupmates
My college family

so anyways after the forum
i was gonna spend time with Candice

was such a darling
and she bought me a new Blazer from Topman!
*love love love*
i've lost weight so my blazer from Seed looks humongous now
so now i have a slimfit Blazer from Topman =)
thx sosoooosoo much darling =)

Then thats not all..
we were gonna have our dinner at italianies
as she works there

we walked into Italianies
and all my Close Secondary school friends were there
sitting on a long table waiting for me

whee i really appreciate it =)
it made my day much better =) hehe
So we had dinner and celebrated my b'day there =)
Me, Chun, Audrey, Sean, Chris
Edvinn, Me, Evan, Tim, Wei Wen, Candice
the birthday cake
feeding the other couple hahaa
Grace who works at italianies
She was so sweet that she didn't make me go through Hell
as you know they have many procedures for birthdays lol
Group pic
i realize my tongue is long lol

so after dinner we went to shop around
Me and my jie Wen =)
Group pic
my sister Audrey
Gay models haha

so anyways
i really had a blast for my b'day
2 surprises in 1 day
with Extremely lotsa love from my Girlfriend
and lotsa love from my friends
what else can i need? =)

so the last pic:
Candice and I

my last words for da day:
Thx baby for going through all the trouble to do dis
Thx Close Secondary Friends who came
Thx Group 4,5 and 6 from Taylors for surprising me there =)

i'm a happy man =)


Monday, May 18, 2009

Have you McValue Lunch today?

The Title says it all =)
Mcdonalds McValue Lunch is now happening nationwide!

Mcdonalds is on this promo now
to promote its lunch to everyone as
nearly everywhere you go
you can see banners and advertisements of it
this are some samples of the advertisements:
Mcdonalds advertisement on the bus
advertisements in the lift
at Mcdonalds itself

so so so so
whats this promo about?

starting at a low price of RM5.95

you can get yourself a decent meal for lunch
from 12pm-3pm EVERYDAY!!
read my words

the meals that are available for this low prices
are the:

Fillet-o-fish mcvalue set which is my personal favourite

or the ever classic McChicken mcvalue set

and just by adding another RM2
at RM7.95
you are able to get:

a Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe set

or the ever mouth watering Big Mac set!

and guess whats the best part about this promo?

McValue Lunch is now available with


how awesome is that?

just imagine a day stuck at work or college
and you just have to dial the number 1300-13-1300
and McValue lunch will be delivered at the same price
of RM5.95!! or rm 7.95!!

and you can also try:
putting your crispy and delicious fries with your burger!

its an awesome blend =)

And this are my 2 videos for Mcdonalds McValue Lunch =)
This is my McDonalds Trailer=)
with inspiration from Nigel Sia =)
And this is how i promoted Mcdonalds Mcvalue lunch
at various places
Inspired by DustyHawk
Enjoy =)
so what are you waiting for?
Get a McDonalds McValue Lunch today!!!
for only RM5.95 or RM 7.95!