STRESS!! Fruit carving =)

College has taken its toll on me
with classes to the brim
pretty worked up at the moment
and now to see the VERY visible effects:
its all turning white!!!!
i dont even need the use of highlights of hair already

okay screwing all that..
i realize that my college crap i bring are much more than a normal girl
this is like just my stationary
and yeah u havn't seen my bag yet! hahaa
so anyways here are a few stupid things
i've seen in college this past week
such as:
dumb people scribbling on walls
another dumbass scribbling
and this is my econs paper
about the opportunity cost and all those bullshit
in this paper
500 chocolate bars = 150 tractors

We also had our first F&B class
with our new lecturer Miss Jasmine
well she is a strict lecturer
but yeah she is good in other ways

so for this term
we'll be learning about carving and sculpturing
so for our first class
we started carving citrus fruits
such as oranges and grapefruits
its harder than you think
as we have to present this in front of the guest
so we can't use our hands to touch any part of the fruit
just knives and forks =)

the class at work
the women concentrating
lol not easy huh?

so anyways i've picked out some of the pics
for the carving products
as there are a lot of pics on
everyones types of carving and presentation

this is one of the basic presentations
doesn't it look appetizing?
a turtle
and yours truly
my presentation lol
Left: you know whats it haha =)
Right: some girl with big boobs in a hula skirt (well sort of)

okay i dont know why i'm so sexually oriented in all my work
dayum! i have to stop this haha!!
alright thats all for now

till da next post