Nuffnang Music Bash 2009

yeah last saturday was the
nuffnang music bash 2009
its the 1st party of the year
and its nuffnangs birthday =)
well so i actually had nothing to do
and i was sick in bed
thats y i wrote the post
to get the invites

so anyways
i got the 2 invites to the party
as we'll be treated like celebrities
walk on red carpets and so on =)
I invited Candice to join me for the event
anyways i didn't take much photos this time
was too damn lazy haha
so this is my "lame" transformation

yeah i know i'm much skinnier now
my coat is getting to big =(
wonder why i'm losing weight..

anyways we headed off to Maison KL about 6pm
and reached there about 6.25
The entrance
the goodie bags
the buffet

so to start off the event
Liang was the MC
and he asked for 3 groups of 8
to play a game
so yeah candice and I got into a group
the game is to pass the bits and pieces of a chorus down
and the last person has to sing out the song
so its the song by Blink 182
"i fell in love with a girl at a rockshow"
the team leaders with liang getting the msg
one of the girls singing it out

so anyways somehow
my group managed to get it right
so all 8 of us got topshop vouchers of RM20 each
at least i didn't go back empty handed=)
topshop vouchers
announcing the band a band by bloggers for bloggers
to tell the truth..
their singing was rather good=)
normally this kinda malaysian bands (no offence)
goes out of tune and everything
and i cant really stand it
but somehow
this was rather good =)
bravo =)

so after the band performed
Dinner is ready to be served
bloggers lined up at the buffet counters to get the food
my plate

i didn't find the food appetizing
the spaghetti was too sour
fried rice had no taste
the rest were alright..
but still..i need my carbs!
but watado its buffet style so yeah
can't really do much about it
so i'll just live with the free flow of drinks =)
Shin Yee and I
Candice and I
bring my sexy back =)
this are the nuffnang staff singing
"let the music heal your soul"

nuffnang girls doing the jai ho dance

the prizes were given to the winners shortly after that

Julian came as bob marley
and he won the best impersonator award
and won a PS 3 =) congrats!

Yat was the best dressed male
and he won rm500 topman vouchers

Huai Bin was the "worst impersonator "
and he won a broom and 2 GSC gold class tickets

well thats all i remembered cos
i have short term memory lost
and how the hell i can't remember girls =.=
omg =.=
and didn't take pics some more =.=
lagi cannot remember lol

after the Nuffnang music bash
Candice and I headed off to wai chun's house
as he was having like another celebration of his b'day
and the best part is..
its free flow of drinks! wootz!
we started playing drinking games and..
yeah =.= i got drunk
for the 1st time=.=
the drinks at wai chuns place
i got wasted=.=
chivas 18' and chivas 12'
my god its like the 1st time i've gotten this bad hahaa
anyways yeah so thats all for this post
college has started
till da next post


Nigel Sia said…
Thanks for the compliment man! Glad you enjoyed it! =)
Samuel C said…
hehe u did great =) good job =) and your band deserves it =)
Thanks for the compliments ^^
Samuel C said…
hehe ur welcome =)