Hennessys Artistry @ the loft KL

Hennessys Artistry!!
yes it has already came to past =)

it was held at upstairs the loft @ KL
as for my previous post

Nuffnang has given me VIP passes =)
so hell yeah it was good
as there was a free flow of hennessys till bout 11pm

i invited Joshua with me
and yeah he was happy too =)
drinks and girls...what more can he want? lol
i'll let the pics explain the rest =)
the entrance VIP =DVIP pass
the sidewalk
hennessys shots with flavors
the art of mixing
its meant for you to learn how to mix songs =)
the dj
i learned how to mix with the volume controls and everything =D

I headed inside the lounge
where its something like a press conference
it supposed to start at 9
but of course
malaysian timing
ppl started pouring in only at 9
Joshua and I
Hennessy VSOP
my old friend Howard
Howard and Josh
Me, Hitomi and Howard
Me and Ren
the lounge area
Vannesa Chong
err forgot his name
one of the big shots of hennessys
Hennessys marketing director Andrew
DJ Starz Angels from france & Caprice
the media geting their shots

and i'm using a small kuchimiao camera..
but still manage to get em up close =)
Starz Angels & Caprice

after the press conference

headed to Upstairs at the loft
where the real partying starts!
Upstairs @ the loft
VJ spacebar
in the clubbin area
Shamik the beatboxer from canada
actually he kinda sucked =S
but somehow the crowd loved him
Joshua is way better than him
and if Joshua was with his crew...
Shamik would die misserably hahaa

Caprice dancers
Caprice's dancer
lol jess is so drunk haha

neh its just the lightings and reflections=)
Shamik, Caprice, and Starz Angels
Starz Angels

Starz Angels opening
thats how crowded it was
the road

well we left rather early bout 12++
as i didn't really have the mood to club
and also we have classes the next morning =)
the last pic of the day
i look drunk and crazy hahahaa

i cant wait for the next hennessys artistry! =)

till da next post


HitoMi Ng said…
Elek...now i know that guy, Joshua haha!!

rupa rupa is you...now I remembered!! i dropped by ur blog before