a Fishing spree..fast and furious and chun's surprise b'day

During my 3 week holiday
i had found the time to relax
and also i've been going on plenty of fishing trips
since lakeview at the last post..
this time we took an hour drive to Semenyih, Kajang
just Josh, Me and Nicholas
well we went to damn ulu areas
just to find a pond
which had been close down =(

but there were still other lakes so yeah we went to another one
which i forgot the name
we paid RM45 per person
as we fished there for 9 hours..
yes i know we are crazy
but its fun!
i'll let the pics go on with it
Driving through the ulu area
some abandoned house
there wasn't even a road! haha
the lake we fished at
the mix is rather good
its about RM10 per bottle =)
Nicholas first catch!
a KERANG lol!!!!=.=

he actually caught a lot of rubbish
i dont know why hahaa..
and after a few more tries..
he managed to get a 2 feet patin =)
Josh and Nicholas at the other side
fishy fishy fish~~
it rained pretty heavily
and yet we continued hahahaa
after the rain
The final tally:
Me: 2 rohu's, 2 red talapias, lotsa black talapias
Nicholas: a 2 feet patin, a kerang and lotsa rubbish
Josh: 1 red talapia and lotsa black talapias

so well
it was rather good for us..
satisfied with our catches
and yeah the next trip will be a long time more
as college is starting already =(

Continuing the post
Nuffnang was nice enough to give me
premiere tix for the fast and the furious 4
and of course i brought candice along for it =)
Overall i would rate it a 4/5 star movie =)
but the sad part is..
our seats were so near the screen!
OMG babiness
but luckily i was able to lie down on empty seats
so yeah it didn't strain my neck
i didn't manage to stay to get to know the bloggers sadly=(
as candice had a curfue
so had to rush her home

so anyways the next day
i went out to 1 utama with Eunice
to catch up on old times
ate at Delicious
and we watch F&F 4 again..
but at least i got better seats this time
so yeah managed to see it nicely hehe
her carrot cake
my spaghetti
Iced Death Chocolate
its rather good =)
you should try it

and the last part of this post is
He is finally 19 years old
and still a virgin =X lol
girls go after him! hahahaha!!

about 20 of us managed to prepare a surprise party for him
and yes he was surprised as he didn't expect any of this hahaa
we went to Uno Pizza at Taipan
his mom booked the place and yeah
we had a good time and lotsa laughs
Wai Chun and his mom

evan tried to teach us the TGI Fridays
b'day song
which we failed hahaha
The high school gang + Adeline
Ernest trying to be a professional photographer
Adeline and I
triple 7!
awesome huh?
the E.M.O. Crew
Boon, Nimesh, Michael, Timothy, Wei Wen
Evan, Bryan, Sean, Christopher
Chun and I
John, Chun, and I
this looks so wrong =X
Adeline and I
the food costed about RM1000++
and his mom paid for everything
thanks Aunty! =)

so after the makan we splitted up into 2 groups
so Wai chun headed off with his primary/college friends
and for us..we headed off to Seans house
and we had a poker session=)
timothy is proud with his 2kg collection of 1 cents
Me and Wen
Me, Boon and the dog
the horny Evan
Nimesh and Boon
the 70's
the uncles
the sex scenes =X
the upskirt scenes =X
okays thats the best part for guys only haha

she was wearing shorts anyway!
alright thats all for this post
just wanna say

next event up:
Nuffnang Music Bash 2009!
see ya there! =)

till da next post