College has started OMGG


yeah this is Mervyn

his reactions are really cute on this kinda things
and his part of S.A.H.
(single, available and horny)
from his recent breakup..

so yeah as the title says
College has finally started after my 3 weeks of holiday
classes are jammed packed
and yeah
Term 4 Hospitality in Taylors
really is torturing

on some days i have classes starts at 8am till 10pm
yeah so u can know how torturing is that

omg another language to learn
i cant even speak chinese
now french?!?!
omg =.=

anyways the best part about college is
we have new lecturers
we have our old friends
and yeah we have great times together
such as:
our expectation plan for Ms Lee's class

haha yeah it was hillarious
and of course
college is the best place for camwhoring =)
as i look away
My daughter Celine
before classEunice
last but not least...
Candice is in my college too =)she makes my life beautiful =)

so anyways continuing this post
we had pastry classes and kitchen classes
yeah it is tiring but its damn fun
as we get to experiment on a lot of things
such as:
our baking plan (done by yen wei)
making kuih talam
chefs in trainingour chicken without the legs
left: chicken stew (like butter milk chicken)
right:braised chicken in foil
top: boiled potatoes in foil
last but not least
we celebrated Yen Wei's b'day =)
happy 19th birthday darl=)

the last part which is good about college
the guys are able to make a guys day out
yeah i know it sounds gay
and yes it is gay
but its fun haha
it consisted of Me, Jay, Chung, Joshua and Mervyn
we crashed over at my condo
and yeah i'll let the photos describe our dumbness =)
cannon ball
my god i like dis pic lol
i we can float
18 sx =X
dicks united =D
shoulder stand =)
okay joshua didn't fly before
till today haha
trying to act cute =.=
EPIC failure!!
the last photo of the day
so yeah college has started
a term full of stress + enjoyment
and hopefully i'll survive this =)
till da next post


Your life is very funny! you should be a very interesting guy!! wakakak~~ ^_^