Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hennessys Artistry @ the loft KL

Hennessys Artistry!!
yes it has already came to past =)

it was held at upstairs the loft @ KL
as for my previous post

Nuffnang has given me VIP passes =)
so hell yeah it was good
as there was a free flow of hennessys till bout 11pm

i invited Joshua with me
and yeah he was happy too =)
drinks and girls...what more can he want? lol
i'll let the pics explain the rest =)
the entrance VIP =DVIP pass
the sidewalk
hennessys shots with flavors
the art of mixing
its meant for you to learn how to mix songs =)
the dj
i learned how to mix with the volume controls and everything =D

I headed inside the lounge
where its something like a press conference
it supposed to start at 9
but of course
malaysian timing
ppl started pouring in only at 9
Joshua and I
Hennessy VSOP
my old friend Howard
Howard and Josh
Me, Hitomi and Howard
Me and Ren
the lounge area
Vannesa Chong
err forgot his name
one of the big shots of hennessys
Hennessys marketing director Andrew
DJ Starz Angels from france & Caprice
the media geting their shots

and i'm using a small kuchimiao camera..
but still manage to get em up close =)
Starz Angels & Caprice

after the press conference

headed to Upstairs at the loft
where the real partying starts!
Upstairs @ the loft
VJ spacebar
in the clubbin area
Shamik the beatboxer from canada
actually he kinda sucked =S
but somehow the crowd loved him
Joshua is way better than him
and if Joshua was with his crew...
Shamik would die misserably hahaa

Caprice dancers
Caprice's dancer
lol jess is so drunk haha

neh its just the lightings and reflections=)
Shamik, Caprice, and Starz Angels
Starz Angels

Starz Angels opening
thats how crowded it was
the road

well we left rather early bout 12++
as i didn't really have the mood to club
and also we have classes the next morning =)
the last pic of the day
i look drunk and crazy hahahaa

i cant wait for the next hennessys artistry! =)

till da next post

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm going to Hennessys Artistry!


yeah i've been invited to the Hennessys Artistry =D

on the 23rd of April 2009

and THX SUE!!

i'm so so so damn happy =)

lol its able to spice up my boring life right now teehee

it was so unexpected

as i didn't even know i was invited

until sue called me =)

thx sue! =)

i was busy fishing with Joshua this afternoon

and yeah suddenly..

Sue called me and asked for my guests name and email

it was so last minute i didn't know who to invite

so yeah the Batang beside me

Joshua is the lucky guy going with me to the event =)
damn thsi is gay hahaa

for the rest of the bloggers who are going..

I'll c u there =)

till da next post


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

STRESS!! Fruit carving =)

College has taken its toll on me
with classes to the brim
pretty worked up at the moment
and now to see the VERY visible effects:
its all turning white!!!!
i dont even need the use of highlights of hair already

okay screwing all that..
i realize that my college crap i bring are much more than a normal girl
this is like just my stationary
and yeah u havn't seen my bag yet! hahaa
so anyways here are a few stupid things
i've seen in college this past week
such as:
dumb people scribbling on walls
another dumbass scribbling
and this is my econs paper
about the opportunity cost and all those bullshit
in this paper
500 chocolate bars = 150 tractors

We also had our first F&B class
with our new lecturer Miss Jasmine
well she is a strict lecturer
but yeah she is good in other ways

so for this term
we'll be learning about carving and sculpturing
so for our first class
we started carving citrus fruits
such as oranges and grapefruits
its harder than you think
as we have to present this in front of the guest
so we can't use our hands to touch any part of the fruit
just knives and forks =)

the class at work
the women concentrating
lol not easy huh?

so anyways i've picked out some of the pics
for the carving products
as there are a lot of pics on
everyones types of carving and presentation

this is one of the basic presentations
doesn't it look appetizing?
a turtle
and yours truly
my presentation lol
Left: you know whats it haha =)
Right: some girl with big boobs in a hula skirt (well sort of)

okay i dont know why i'm so sexually oriented in all my work
dayum! i have to stop this haha!!
alright thats all for now

till da next post

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dont play with your food!

this is 18 SX!!

done by taylors hospitality group 4

on the topic


done by mervyn and jay


teehee =D

this was created as we had nothing to do at class =)

i managed to waste 3 minutes of ur time =P


till da next post


Friday, April 10, 2009

College has started OMGG


yeah this is Mervyn

his reactions are really cute on this kinda things
and his part of S.A.H.
(single, available and horny)
from his recent breakup..

so yeah as the title says
College has finally started after my 3 weeks of holiday
classes are jammed packed
and yeah
Term 4 Hospitality in Taylors
really is torturing

on some days i have classes starts at 8am till 10pm
yeah so u can know how torturing is that

omg another language to learn
i cant even speak chinese
now french?!?!
omg =.=

anyways the best part about college is
we have new lecturers
we have our old friends
and yeah we have great times together
such as:
our expectation plan for Ms Lee's class

haha yeah it was hillarious
and of course
college is the best place for camwhoring =)
as i look away
My daughter Celine
before classEunice
last but not least...
Candice is in my college too =)she makes my life beautiful =)

so anyways continuing this post
we had pastry classes and kitchen classes
yeah it is tiring but its damn fun
as we get to experiment on a lot of things
such as:
our baking plan (done by yen wei)
making kuih talam
chefs in trainingour chicken without the legs
left: chicken stew (like butter milk chicken)
right:braised chicken in foil
top: boiled potatoes in foil
last but not least
we celebrated Yen Wei's b'day =)
happy 19th birthday darl=)

the last part which is good about college
the guys are able to make a guys day out
yeah i know it sounds gay
and yes it is gay
but its fun haha
it consisted of Me, Jay, Chung, Joshua and Mervyn
we crashed over at my condo
and yeah i'll let the photos describe our dumbness =)
cannon ball
my god i like dis pic lol
i we can float
18 sx =X
dicks united =D
shoulder stand =)
okay joshua didn't fly before
till today haha
trying to act cute =.=
EPIC failure!!
the last photo of the day
so yeah college has started
a term full of stress + enjoyment
and hopefully i'll survive this =)
till da next post