I'm a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

oh yeah
i'm a musicon celebrity thanks to maxis broadband =)
its another Nuffnang event happening on the
4th of April 2009
so yeah everyone will be dressing up as a musician celebrity
this is also in conjunction with Maxis
as they have came up with new USB modems
in different styles
such as
Pop, Hiphop, R&B, Rock, and Reggae
and there'll be lotsa prizes to be won over there

so what musician celebrity will i be?
alright it is something simple...
yet very complicated by the inside
check it out:
My musician celebrity outfit

all of you will be guessing on who is it I'm imitating
really simple isn't it?
so anyways not wasting much time
the person i'm imitating is.

if you dont know him
he is very plain in style
but very complicated in his music
this is him in wikipedia

now why did i choose Maksim Mrvica?

1st reason
i can't sing! lol
God has gave me talents in music
but not in singing haha
if you want proof
check out my older blog post written for Sherry
or you can visit her website at
lol i feel damn lame

2nd reason
i love the piano. i have learnt it since i was 4 years old
and completed my grade 8 when i was 13
so yeah the piano is kinda a part of me

3rd reason
Maksim inspired me in his playing
and i wanted to be more like him
it required a lot of practice
and concentration.

Currently now i dont perform anymore
i used to perform at hotels when i was 14-15 years old
and now since i dont have much time
i didn't perform for about 4 years already
and i rarely touch the piano anymore
so yeah i'm really rusty at it now

but now as the nuffnang music bash is coming up
i couldn't resist myself
in playing the songs i've used to play in the past
so yeah
if i wanted to be maksim
i must be like him which is simple by the outside
complicated by the inside
so enjoy this 2 videos


Flight of the bumble bee

thats my versions of the two songs by maksim
and they are all played by ear
as i dont really like to read music notes / taugeh =)
anyways this 2 are not that good after 4 years not touchin the piano

so continuing this post
how would i like to be treated as a celebrity?
well any celebrity would want to be famous and rich
and that includes me too =)

and of course since i'm rich by then
i would love a mansion and a fleet of cars
also a private jet and helicopter
well yes sam you can dream on that =D

but 1 thing for sure
eventhough i'll be famous and rich
i still want to have my personal friends i've been having all this while
a life without ur close friends is kinda a dead life
with no one to talk to and share things with
i would also like to be treated the same way as i am treated now
becoming a celebrity doesn't mean you have to change
anything that is part of you
so lets just say i want to be treated the same way as i am
because i wont be changing any part of me =)

so technically what i'm trying to say is
eventhough if i'm a celebrity
i dont really want too much out of it
i would still want a normal life
and no extra special services
i know thats a bit too simple
but yes thats the way i am
for me
becoming a celebrity is for who you are and
not for who you supposed to become
i know its pretty shallow but yeah
this is who i am

so anyways
i shall c you all at the Nuffnang Music Bash 09!

till da next post


Priscilla Wong said…
U need more accessories on your hands! XD
Samuel C said…
lol i lost all my rings already =( haha