Hitz.fm Fugitive

Well to start up this post
Everyone in Malaysia will of course know what is the
everyone has been on a wild goose chase since the last week
in order to get themselves on their share of
for those who don't know what it is
its a game created by Hitz.FM radio station
you just have to listen to Hitz.fm
get the clues
go to that place
and then ask everyone you see
"are you the Hitz.FM fugitive"
if he says yes
you'll get the bounty on his head
which is in thousands of ringgit
and the best part is
there are no slogans or anything
you just have to ask that question to everyone
of course for people like me
i was working that i didn't even have time to get anywhere to find him
till yesterday and today
which were the major disappointments

Thursday (12/03/08)
at night, the fugitive was on the run at the curve
the bounty was RM14,000
the clues were bend, fountain, flea market, dobi
so of course i was searching at Laundry, the curve
with Jonathan and my baby Candice
so yeah the thing that is disappointing is....
1 fella 10m away from me shouted happily and everything
cos he had found the fugitive
10 metres!!!what the hell!!
major disappointment
so close yet so far

Friday (13/03/08)
is the last day for the fugitive
so yeah i got up early
called up Jon again lol
and the clues were so damn direct this time
there were so many hunters at the scene
but yet no one caught him
the bounty was RM15000
the clues were River, Money, Handphone, and Hill
so we headed off to Sungai Wang Plaza
well logically river and money in malay is Sungai Wang
which is beside Star hill and has a lot of handphone shops
so yeah thats the sad part in the morning
no one caught him

that afternoon,
the bounty was RM10000
the clues were bowling, arch, new, entrance and hotel
so it could either be ampang point, 1 utama, or pyramid.
so since the jam and everything
we just headed off to pyramid
yet no luck for finding him
but someone got him at Mahkota Parade, Melaka =(
RM10000 =.=

at night
the bounty was RM15000
the clues were Mall, Federal, Stage, Architecture, Car, Park, and something Collin
so since we got only the 1st 4 clues when we started
we headed off to KLCC
as its in federal territory and has awesome architecture
but yeah then again when car and collin came in
we didn't know where he was already
but we suspected it'll be Gardens or either PWTC
as PWTC had a car show
Gardens...donno just instinct
and yet no one found him
and this time
the fugitive was so ****** up
he didn't extend the time
compared to the last time
so yeah no one got him!!
RM 15000 wei

okay cutting the crap
i want to say:
The money is interesting
thats y i chased the fugitive too
well students like me...no money
equals i have to hunt for money lol

alright going to the main point...

well talking bout Hitz.fm
u see how much they gain from this stupid thing?
Its part of their Marketing Plan
fact 1
lets say Everyone is listening to Hitz.fm
they earn lotsa cash already if everyone is tuning in to their station
fact 2
Advertisers who wanna post their advertisements during the fugitive peak times
will have to pay much more just to advertise
fact 3
Fugitips via SMS and video calls
they are charging like RM0.30 per sms and video calls i'm not sure
if lets say 100,000 ppl sign up for the sms
they already get RM30,000 just for an sms sent out at a time
and they send it at least 4 times a day
fact 4
then further more
they can even say that the fugitive is here or there
but we dont even know if there is even a fugitive at that time
it can be a scam to just make people listen and try to find him
and they would not lose money on the bounty
so they can cut the cost on the bounty too
I'm not saying that they do
but its possible
so yeah
This may all be a scam to us so that Hitz.fm will earn more money
as this is more beneficial for em than for us actually
and we waste petrol also..
c how that effects the environment?

so now
the question is
anyways i donno why i'm postin this also haha
keke enough shitting around lol =)
Dont sue me for blabbing all dis shit lol
its just based on my opinions haha


AJ said…
hahahaha..dont ever 100% believe in any promo on radio...its only a dirty scam sometimes.
Samuel C said…
haha yeah i agree on that =)