Fast & Furious 4 is ON April 2

as you can read it
Fast & Furious 4 is ON April 2!!!
Fast & Furious is one of the most watched movie
as it sets a standard on anything to do with cars
plus good actors & stuntmen which make it so realistic

so this april 2009
Fast & Furious 4 comes into cinemas nationwide
with the actors from the past Fast & Furious movies
such as Vin Diesel & Paul Walker

as Fast & Furious 3 went to japan
which went sideways such as a drifting movie
now it has gone back to America
with the muscle cars that guys love and girls go gaga over =D

nuffnang is giving out 50 pairs of tickets to watch this movie
and i would really love it
if i would to get my hands on the premier of the Fast & Furious 4
*crosses fingers*
so anyways heres some pics on the movie
Fast & Furious 4
Michelle Rodriguez, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster
Vin Diesel she stands...
and she falls...lalala =D
oh lala
till da next post