Dreamgirl at Mist club

Thanks to nuffnang
i manage to get 2 VIP passes to Malaysian Dreamgirl
Malaysian Dreamgirl is an online contest where there are 12 girls
competing to be the Malaysian Dreamgirl.
the contestents are
Acha, Dawn, Denezia, Farah, Juanita, Liana,
Maya, Ming, Natasha, Pinky, Rajvin, and Shasya
The winner of the Malaysian Dreamgirl contest will take home

A Chevrolet Aveo (1.4)
RM10,000 in cash
a Hp Notebook
RM1000 of beautilicious cosmetics
RM1000 of Escada Fragrances
RM1000 of Wacoal Lingerie
RM1000 Marie France Bodyline vouchers
RM1000 Bella Skin Care vouchers
RM1000 Svenson Hair Care vouchers
Spread in Intrend Magazine
Exclusive AndrewModel's portfolio
RM500 of Wella Proffesional Hair products

thats a lot of stuff for da winner man
so anyways continuing the post..

Well the day started out with me and Wai Chun
going off to mist club.
it took us like 1 hour from subang to bangsar =.=
thats how bad the jam was
so yeah..furthermore my car is a manual
lol screw that i'm use to it..

keke continuing the post
we reached the club about 7.30
and it took us some time just to find a parking lot
for parking at a normal street
if its parking lots i wont mind..
but its just on a normal street with yellow lines
blardy hell..
if anything happened to my car i would screw them

so anyways we walked about 100m to the club
and tried to find the nuffnang booth
but sadly
the organisers forgot to prepare a booth for nuffnang..
so yeah
we just collected our passes from Andrea outside
first time meeting Andrea though..
but she was really friendly at first glance=)

the entrance

nuffnangers collecting their tix

The vip passes

Rules and Regulations of Mist..

i dont know why i took this pic also lol

Wai Chun in the NO SITTING zone haha

so anyways we headed inside to the club

its the 1st time being here

and its relatively small as it looks quite big from the outside

the stage

the lights

the VIP area
Wai Chun enjoying his free beer

It started about 8.15 or 8.30

as the host Elaine Daly came up

and started the whole thing

so anyways the girls came up in different clothings from different boutiques

and 3 girls will be eliminated tomoro from Malaysian dreamgirl

the host
Malaysian Dreamgirls wearing Sorci Age lingerie by Wacoal Sorci Age lingerie by Wacoal
and there as a Rm1000 cheque for the winner of the lingerie competition
which is Pinky
Malaysian Dreamgirls with Hp Laptops/palmtops
Malaysian Dreamgirls in Viva Chea Boutique clothing
Malaysia Dreamgirl's in Red Lantern Studio Cheong Sams
The Final catwalk with clothing from Lim Kok Wing University
Done by Lim Kok Wing students
the Final Show
Lim Kok Wing dresses

so thats the end of the night with Malaysian Dreamgirl's
at Mist Club
and u know what? i didn't even take a single picture of myself!
awesome! the camwhorer is not camwhoring anymore! lol =D
remember do vote for your favourite Dreamgirl by sms
the official website is
and if you would like to get dreamgirl mobile updates
Sms ONMDG to 22700 for Maxis users
Sms OnMDG to 36400 for Digi users

3 lucky SMS voters will be picked every week to win goodies worth RM500 each.
1 lucky SMS voter will even walk away with the Grand Prize of a HP Pavilion notebook
so yeah it does pay to vote lol =)

the winner of the malaysian dreamgirl will be announced in april=)

till da next post


Andrew said…
wow!!! you seriously did amazed me with your super efficient updates!! LOL =D

i suppose you'll be one of those who are in the run for hp laptop!! hehe =D

good job!! =D
Samuel C said…
hehe thx =) yeah i will try of course..but not too much..credit is important dis days hahaa=)
Anonymous said…
The host is Elaine Daly
Samuel C said…
alright =) thx diese =)