Charm Cheerleading Championship 2009

Charm Cheerleading Championship 2009
took place at Cineleisure Damansara
on the 22th of March 09

Charm stands for Cheerleading Association Registra of Malaysia
it is the malaysian body of cheerleading
recognized by the sports and education ministry
and also has an all star team which is
Charm All Stars
which represents Malaysia in Cheerleading
when competing with other countries
Charm Cheerleading Championship also known as C3
is a yearly event
which now is the 3rd consecutive year for this event

this competition looks more on the technical sides
thats why the competition is divided into 2 divisions
which are the Dance division and Stunt division
and there are a few categories which are
all girl teams, co-ed teams, and international teams
so all the categories were
All girl dance division
Coed dance division
International dance division
All girl stunts division
Coed stunts division
International stunts division

There were all together 36 Teams competing this year
The international teams that came this year
were from
School of the Holy Spirit (SHS) from phillipines
Wildcats dance team from thailand
Rainbows from Thailand

Our sponsors for this event were
Celebrity Fitness, Nike, 8TV, and Beauty something soap lol =S

There were also performances by
Cecilia Yong (So You Think You Can Dance Winner Season 2)
and Billie Yong (So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 Season 2)
Digi Celebriteen Azizi
Top 8 of One in a Million
and a full routine done by Rainbows, Thailand

The day started off at 7.30
where charm members came to set up everything
such as the vouchers
tables chairs allocations and everything
and the registration started at 9.30
so lets just letthe pictures & videos do the talking from now on =)

My tags
Judges Tables
Backdrop + mat
Team Briefing for all the heads of teams
Shang Leit
love her eyes
Sean and I
Me and my baby candice
Magdalene Lim
(the one in one of my previous post which dislocated her knee)
legs! hahaa
Jun Kang and Eric as the Deejays
our uber cheerleader Priscilla
gobbling down her lunch haa =)
The gay faces of us
Me & Jun Kang
Me and Magdalene Thomas
Candice and I
The praticing mats for teams
The medals, gifts and trophies

Nike Women Workouts

Nike Women Workouts part 2

Cecilia Yong (winner of so you think you can dance season 2)
and Billie Yong (So you think you can dance season 2 top 20)

Phillipines Dance Team A

Phillipines Dance Team B

Phillipines Dance Team C

Ooops Rainbow did it again

Hit Me Rainbows one more time

Ooops Rainbow did it again cheering on the crowd

Rainbows Full Routine Performance

this performance is the 2nd performance of the day

as the 1st performance,
one of the members (Nan)
got into a knee injury during the performance while doing a back flip

so the performance was STOPPED
it was amazing as after 20 minutes
he did the performance even though his knee was injured
awesome huh?
and as their finale they even brough banners of Malaysia twin towers
they're really great

so as for the winners
*drum roles*

for the Dance Division
2nd runner up was Vibrant
1st Runner up was The Rebels
and Champion was the defending Champion
Extreme All Stars

For International Dance Division

2nd runner up was SHS Phillipines Dance Team B
Champion was SHS Phillipines Dance Team A
1st Runner up was Extreme All Stars
As for All Girl Stunt division

Champion: Calyx from Catholic High School
1st Runner up: Vibrant
2nd Runner up: Blitzers from SMK Bandar Utama 4

Co-ed Stunt Division

The Rebels took all 3 placings =)
awesome team!
Champion: The Rebels Team B
1st Runner up: The Rebels Team A
2nd Runner up: The Rebels Team C

For International Stunt Division (all girls)

Champion: SHS Phillipines Stunt Team A
1st Runner up: Calyx from Catholic High School
2nd Runner up: SHS Phillipines Stunt Team B

International stunt division (co-ed)

Champion: The Rebels Team B
1st Runner up: Ooops Rainbow did it again, Thailand
2nd Runner up: Hit me Rainbows one more time, Thailand

so after the competition
everything was just photo taking and so on
Me and Ima from Storm (SMK SS 17)
i used to be her coach
Me and Tiffany from Storm
used to be her coach also haha
Stunting with my personal flyer Nicole and Jonathan at the back
doing a Single Based Extention
Shermund, Marcus and Nicole doing a cupie
Rainbows Bear
Rainbows made it for Charm
isn't it cute? =)
the Bear can stunt too =)
Me and Anny from Rainbows
he always asks me for Big apple donuts haha =)
and that was since last year haha
Rainbows T Shirt

I wanna personally thank Melissa Campbell
for pulling me out to the mats to do stuff
and get prizes =)
Thanks babe!
Nike pouch
Nike Necklace
Be transformed!

the event ended bout 8
and we tore down the place at about 9
man the whole process was tiresome
and had a really tiresome day especially since we're the organizers
so thats all for this post

I wanna give a big Thank You
to all
Comittee members,
Charm Members,
and Performers
for making this event successful for the 3rd year in a row =)
till da next post



Leonard said…
Wow. the videos and all the team are simply amazing.

I was wonder how u folks did it...those are crazy stunts man ! *laugh*

Not for the faint hearted people like me im sure. HAhaha
Samuel C said…
haha the vids are mostly international teams.. the local high school ones are not that crazy =)

it just requires lotsa practise and technique thats all =)

are u faint hearted? lol =S
hrgottlieb said…
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Samuel C said…
alright =) thx so much =) will check it out =)