Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Fishing trip after 8 years =)

Since i'm having my holidays
Me, Candice, Joshua, Evon, Alex and Jay
decided to go on a fishing trip =D
well actually only Me and Joshua are the real fishing kakis over here
and its been like 8 years for me and 7 for him
since the last time we fished

so anyways we headed off to the Subang Lake
its the one near Crocodile farm, Holiday Villa and SJMC
the charges were
RM20 for 3 hours per rod
well what to do its a pay pond
and most of em now charge around the same
so we started off about 10am in the morning
trying to fish out fishies =D
Candice, Joshua, Alex, Evon, JayMy Fishing Box after 8 years..still in good shape huh? =D
some "bedak" or what we call as fish bait =)
Joshua demonstrating his...
matta bomb lol...

a matta bomb
is like clumping together a big bait..
and stuffing a few hooks inside
its used for bigger fish Josh adjusting Jay's reel
Josh..Jay and their matta bomb lol is not that big...but somehow the camera angle made it that big lolCandice with Me and Evon at the back
so coincidental haha
was teaching Evon on single hooks
thats how i fish =)
My way of fishingand i'm ready to go
foosh =D
alex still with his bait
and this are the rods
Candice, Josh and Evon

so while fishing
we started eating our brunch/lunch
and started doing stupid things such as..
1st up is...
Joshua Aaron Marks
Jevin Prakkash Savaretnam (Jay)
and of course...
yours trully
lol =.= yes i know i was too much hahaha
so anyways back to da fishing=)
lol okay its some kucimiao black talapia..
damn lame rite? =.=
Jay posing with the coke
and the best part was..
that uncle over there..
is like one of the most experienced fisherman over here
he caught like 15-20 fishes in 3 hours

alright talking bout uncles
there was one uncle that came and fish beside me
and yeah he is also an experienced fisherman here
so yeah he taught me the ways of fishing there
(as every pond may have different styles)
and yeah i got to learn lotsa things from him
so yeah..
changed my fishing strategy haha

so all of us fished until about 4pm
checkin on the fish we caught..

Uncle: 1 Red talapia & 1 Roku
Me: 2 black talapias & 1 red talapia
The rest: sadly but none =(
the red talapias are on the left...the roku is on the right

and u know what is the best part?
The Uncle said that we could have
his catches of the day
so we get 2 extra fishes! =)
Me, Alex, Evon, Candice, Josh, UNCLE =)

so yeah we headed back to my place
to start cooking and eating =)
all our junk in the car
Joshua slaughtering the roku

Not for the faint hearted
Evon cutting tomatoes
and i'm fixing my fishing gear! hahaha

okay all of us are hotelliers except alex and candice
so cooking wont be much of a problem for us
and also..
candice can cook =D
so yeah..
leaves alex to help clean up =D
sorry alex hahaa =)
we had lindemans' shiraz cabernet

yeah i know fishes should go with white wine..
but sad to say i've only got one last bottle..
and its dear to me =(
Joshua's plate
The leftovers of the roku haha

so we ended the day by just chilling and relaxing
and by just switching on 1 fan for earth hour hahaha
i know i know
but it was so damn hot lol
ah who cares..its just a fan=)
till da next post

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Buying the iphone..a right choice?

Well as the title speaks for itself

Maxis has brought the Iphone in finally

after it has been released last year...

finally it reaches Malaysia

The Iphone is sold by maxis with contracts

which means you have to be with maxis

for about 12 months

with a monthly payment la.

just like normal applying for a new line

now the question is


according to my friend who works inside maxis

there are some things that you should know


The 1st thing is

you get a 1 year warranty by maxis/apple

but according to Maxis

You're not allowed to download any other softwares/programes into the Iphone

if you do so, the warranty will be voided

i mean like WTF??

so basically u get an Iphone which you cant download any programs

you can just listen to songs and use the normal functions of the phone

then 2nd thing is..

In an Iphone...

there is a software that is built it with the Iphone

where whenever there isn't any wifi

the phone will automatically connect to GPRS

which will cost a bomb to users if it happens

there is a program by apple to disable this software

but how the hell are you gonna download the software

if ur warranty will be voided if you download any program?

then 3rd part is

If you buy an Apple Iphone from outside of the country

the kiasu maxis

has made up this rule whereas

They can deny repair services to the Iphone

or also deny maxis services to the phone if asked

because the Iphone you bought

is not dealed by Maxis

thus they'll say you got it ILLEGALLY

All this news has been informed from my friend


as it is just news passed down

and is just the current situation reported by my friend

but one thing for sure



so yeah

just think about it if ur buying the Iphone=)

and make sure u read every condition set by maxis

so you wont regret anything

till da next post


Monday, March 23, 2009

Charm Cheerleading Championship 2009

Charm Cheerleading Championship 2009
took place at Cineleisure Damansara
on the 22th of March 09

Charm stands for Cheerleading Association Registra of Malaysia
it is the malaysian body of cheerleading
recognized by the sports and education ministry
and also has an all star team which is
Charm All Stars
which represents Malaysia in Cheerleading
when competing with other countries
Charm Cheerleading Championship also known as C3
is a yearly event
which now is the 3rd consecutive year for this event

this competition looks more on the technical sides
thats why the competition is divided into 2 divisions
which are the Dance division and Stunt division
and there are a few categories which are
all girl teams, co-ed teams, and international teams
so all the categories were
All girl dance division
Coed dance division
International dance division
All girl stunts division
Coed stunts division
International stunts division

There were all together 36 Teams competing this year
The international teams that came this year
were from
School of the Holy Spirit (SHS) from phillipines
Wildcats dance team from thailand
Rainbows from Thailand

Our sponsors for this event were
Celebrity Fitness, Nike, 8TV, and Beauty something soap lol =S

There were also performances by
Cecilia Yong (So You Think You Can Dance Winner Season 2)
and Billie Yong (So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 Season 2)
Digi Celebriteen Azizi
Top 8 of One in a Million
and a full routine done by Rainbows, Thailand

The day started off at 7.30
where charm members came to set up everything
such as the vouchers
tables chairs allocations and everything
and the registration started at 9.30
so lets just letthe pictures & videos do the talking from now on =)

My tags
Judges Tables
Backdrop + mat
Team Briefing for all the heads of teams
Shang Leit
love her eyes
Sean and I
Me and my baby candice
Magdalene Lim
(the one in one of my previous post which dislocated her knee)
legs! hahaa
Jun Kang and Eric as the Deejays
our uber cheerleader Priscilla
gobbling down her lunch haa =)
The gay faces of us
Me & Jun Kang
Me and Magdalene Thomas
Candice and I
The praticing mats for teams
The medals, gifts and trophies

Nike Women Workouts

Nike Women Workouts part 2

Cecilia Yong (winner of so you think you can dance season 2)
and Billie Yong (So you think you can dance season 2 top 20)

Phillipines Dance Team A

Phillipines Dance Team B

Phillipines Dance Team C

Ooops Rainbow did it again

Hit Me Rainbows one more time

Ooops Rainbow did it again cheering on the crowd

Rainbows Full Routine Performance

this performance is the 2nd performance of the day

as the 1st performance,
one of the members (Nan)
got into a knee injury during the performance while doing a back flip

so the performance was STOPPED
it was amazing as after 20 minutes
he did the performance even though his knee was injured
awesome huh?
and as their finale they even brough banners of Malaysia twin towers
they're really great

so as for the winners
*drum roles*

for the Dance Division
2nd runner up was Vibrant
1st Runner up was The Rebels
and Champion was the defending Champion
Extreme All Stars

For International Dance Division

2nd runner up was SHS Phillipines Dance Team B
Champion was SHS Phillipines Dance Team A
1st Runner up was Extreme All Stars
As for All Girl Stunt division

Champion: Calyx from Catholic High School
1st Runner up: Vibrant
2nd Runner up: Blitzers from SMK Bandar Utama 4

Co-ed Stunt Division

The Rebels took all 3 placings =)
awesome team!
Champion: The Rebels Team B
1st Runner up: The Rebels Team A
2nd Runner up: The Rebels Team C

For International Stunt Division (all girls)

Champion: SHS Phillipines Stunt Team A
1st Runner up: Calyx from Catholic High School
2nd Runner up: SHS Phillipines Stunt Team B

International stunt division (co-ed)

Champion: The Rebels Team B
1st Runner up: Ooops Rainbow did it again, Thailand
2nd Runner up: Hit me Rainbows one more time, Thailand

so after the competition
everything was just photo taking and so on
Me and Ima from Storm (SMK SS 17)
i used to be her coach
Me and Tiffany from Storm
used to be her coach also haha
Stunting with my personal flyer Nicole and Jonathan at the back
doing a Single Based Extention
Shermund, Marcus and Nicole doing a cupie
Rainbows Bear
Rainbows made it for Charm
isn't it cute? =)
the Bear can stunt too =)
Me and Anny from Rainbows
he always asks me for Big apple donuts haha =)
and that was since last year haha
Rainbows T Shirt

I wanna personally thank Melissa Campbell
for pulling me out to the mats to do stuff
and get prizes =)
Thanks babe!
Nike pouch
Nike Necklace
Be transformed!

the event ended bout 8
and we tore down the place at about 9
man the whole process was tiresome
and had a really tiresome day especially since we're the organizers
so thats all for this post

I wanna give a big Thank You
to all
Comittee members,
Charm Members,
and Performers
for making this event successful for the 3rd year in a row =)
till da next post