Valentines Day

Valentine's Day
well its actually a day in memory of Saint Valentine
okays anyway cutting the crap
to tell the truth
this is the 1st year i'm actually celebrating a real valentines day
(yes its true)
you see as i was younger...
there was always problem with parents and bla bla bla bla bla
so yeah...normally girls parents willl bla bla bla bla
all da way on this
so this year
is my 1st year
i'm giving a girl a bouquet of roses
bringing a girl for dinner
drinking wine with a girl in the park
watching a movie with a girl
awesome huh? i'm so so so holy all dis years =D lol
and this girl is none other than my baby
Candice <3
the bouquet that was bought much earlier
the reflections in the car

so yeah actually i was supposed to cook dinner for her
but some stuff happen involving my parents
so yeah she didn't wanna come over to my place
so since it was quite last minute
i had to make last minute reservations
and to tell the truth
i'm not in really good financial terms now also=(
so yeah..i had to fit in to the budget for this year
well its my 1st so..the next should be better right?
we went over to Secret Recipe
as it was affordable for me
its sad when you're not rich
The chips
Grapetiser sparkling juice
appletiser sparkling juice
the beef steak
was rather good as it was not chewy
and it was tender enough
as for the sauce...a lil too peppery
her fish
the dory fish was good
but the sauce was a bit
so yeah
not exactly to say the best meal we had
they tried to cut my carrots to a love shape
well i know i can do much better haha
and the chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream=)
well i know if i did cook
it would be much better
maybe next year
so anyways
after dinner
we headed off to a secluded park
(ernest i'm sry i had to use your name to go
we headed over to wangsa baiduri
where there is a park beside the lake
which was pretty quiet and only another couple with us
at the park
this is the scenary of the lake
we had ice wine
Ice wine is made like normal wines
the grapes are frozen when its processed
so it has a much sweeter taste
compared to normal wines
Canadian Ice Wine

and the best part is
My baby also got me a valentine present
which were crystal wine glasses from germany
always wanted to get em
but crystal wine glasses aint cheap
so yeah
i was so damn happy =)
thanks baby <3
the wine glasses
crystally wheee =D
the wine
baby and me
our shadows
after the park we headed off to the Cinema
to watch the movie
New In Town
it was relatively alright
except the story line was too predictable
but it would be much better compared to watching
the curious case of benjamin burton
as that would be too dramatizing lol
so yeah that was how i celebrated my valentines day
for the 1st time
till da next post