A tribute to Sherry

As i said earlier
in the older post...
Sherry has left for Australia
and this is a song i wrote up for her
"now you're gone"
dont mind the ugly voice
i know i can't sing!
Verse 1:
She is just a girl
in an ordinary world
its just by luck or chance
that now we are close friends
Verse 2
Years and years have passed
we have memories that last
the time has come and you have left
and I don't know when you'll return again
Now you're gone
to a place
that is far from home
i just cant take it
you're gone 3000 miles away
my heart it aches
i cant wait to see your face
Verse 3
Taken by surprised
when i gazed into her eyes
i turned around her big blue eyes
were sparkling like the stars
Verse 4
Beauty that meets the eyes
that matches the inside
her calm sweet voice, her funny laughs
are heard no more as now she's gone away
i know its hard to say goodbye
and when you left it made me cry
as we go our separate ways
my heart it hopes and longs for you to stay
not go away
i miss you darl=(
take care of yourself kay?
*written by an emotional guy*


Anonymous said…
u're soo gud in writing songs. :P mke sure u mke 1 for me this coming august too. hahaha.
Samuel C said…
hehe thx =) err where are you going ? O.o
Anonymous said…
haha. u.s. :P on august. :)