I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution

This is a late post =X
been busy lately so i couldn't finish up this post haha
so anyways as the title says
I'm going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution!
Nuffnang always organises this kinda events
yet i normally don't join em as i dont have much time
but i guess this time out of boredom i did this post hahaa =P
what is Kame Hame Ha?
its the using of 'qi' in your body to shoot out a ball of energy from your hands
and 'Son Goku' from Dragonball managed to do it with his feet haha
so at first
i wanted to do it all with natural lightings and everything
so here goes the 1st pic:
ooohhh ahhh...but that ain't my Kame Hame Ha
sad thing is
i cant photograph all this at night...so yeah
i just had to use computer effects and everything
so here goes my story
enjoy =)

haha so thats my story of Kame Hame Ha-ing =D

okays it was a last minute work so yeah...

not to say a very good job but i hope you enjoyed it =)

the cast:

Seraphsam: myself

Snatch thief A: Sean Chang

Snatch thief B: Christopher Tay

Damsel in distress: Audrey Chew

Editing of photos was done by:

Audrey Chew and myself

thats the end of this post

KAME HAME HA yourself to the cinema's once it comes out! =)