Goodbye my dear sherry

As the title says
Sherry has officially left the small penis of Asia, Malaysia
to Adelaide, Australia
has been a close friend to me for years
eventhough we stay like a 10 min drive from each other..
we go to the same college...
i'm sry i didn't meet u up recently
as time for me is pretty limited with my crappy schedule
but i just want you to know
once you come back
i would really love to spend more time with you aite?
its a promise =)
about the song i'm supposed to compose
just wait for it kay?
i'll post it up once i do..
which i have no idea when
well u know my problems lately
anyways i just want to wish you all the best
and i'm missing you loads over here
just take care of yourself kay?
thats the only thing i'm worried about when ur there
Sherry and I at the airport
Me, Candice & Sherry
Candice and I reached the airport at about 6.45
which was pretty early as Sherry's flight is only at 9.45
we bummed around the airport waiting as time goes by
and came to the hardest part
where i couldn't contact Sherry as her phone went kaboomed
it was really stressful for me
and i kept on walking around the airport in search of Sherry
about 30-45 minutes i guess
calling friends if they knew Sherry's parents numbers
untill about 8.40
i managed to find Sherry
it was just by luck and instinct that i've found you
it was such a relieve
as i wouldn't wanna miss this flight of yours
and the last time that i'm able to see you =(
Sherry left about 9+ to the departure area
and my tears couldn't be held back anymore
once i saw you go off
i'm sry that yes u asked me not to cry in public
but i just couldn't
thats how much u mean to me..
so darl just take care of urself over there kay?
i'll miss you
take carez darl
-written by an emotional friend-