Friday, February 27, 2009

I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution

This is a late post =X
been busy lately so i couldn't finish up this post haha
so anyways as the title says
I'm going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution!
Nuffnang always organises this kinda events
yet i normally don't join em as i dont have much time
but i guess this time out of boredom i did this post hahaa =P
what is Kame Hame Ha?
its the using of 'qi' in your body to shoot out a ball of energy from your hands
and 'Son Goku' from Dragonball managed to do it with his feet haha
so at first
i wanted to do it all with natural lightings and everything
so here goes the 1st pic:
ooohhh ahhh...but that ain't my Kame Hame Ha
sad thing is
i cant photograph all this at yeah
i just had to use computer effects and everything
so here goes my story
enjoy =)

haha so thats my story of Kame Hame Ha-ing =D

okays it was a last minute work so yeah...

not to say a very good job but i hope you enjoyed it =)

the cast:

Seraphsam: myself

Snatch thief A: Sean Chang

Snatch thief B: Christopher Tay

Damsel in distress: Audrey Chew

Editing of photos was done by:

Audrey Chew and myself

thats the end of this post

KAME HAME HA yourself to the cinema's once it comes out! =)


Monday, February 23, 2009


to those that know who that girl is


u owe me big time!!


-writen by a pissed and emo writer-

Get a fast recovery mag =)

Magdalene Lim
the captain of D'Starz cheerleading team
and a member of Charm All Stars
dislocated her knee as she was tumbling at the gym
yeah...sad right?
she was doing her back handspring
which landed in a bad position
and prrakkk...
it went dislocated..
and now she is out of action for about 2 months i think
so anyways
hope u get a swift recovery kay dear?
and i'll see you at practise again =)
mag at the hospital
her leg
her crutches
what she does in the hospital haa
Mag and I

so babe recover fast yah
take carez =)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A tribute to Sherry

As i said earlier
in the older post...
Sherry has left for Australia
and this is a song i wrote up for her
"now you're gone"
dont mind the ugly voice
i know i can't sing!
Verse 1:
She is just a girl
in an ordinary world
its just by luck or chance
that now we are close friends
Verse 2
Years and years have passed
we have memories that last
the time has come and you have left
and I don't know when you'll return again
Now you're gone
to a place
that is far from home
i just cant take it
you're gone 3000 miles away
my heart it aches
i cant wait to see your face
Verse 3
Taken by surprised
when i gazed into her eyes
i turned around her big blue eyes
were sparkling like the stars
Verse 4
Beauty that meets the eyes
that matches the inside
her calm sweet voice, her funny laughs
are heard no more as now she's gone away
i know its hard to say goodbye
and when you left it made me cry
as we go our separate ways
my heart it hopes and longs for you to stay
not go away
i miss you darl=(
take care of yourself kay?
*written by an emotional guy*

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day
well its actually a day in memory of Saint Valentine
okays anyway cutting the crap
to tell the truth
this is the 1st year i'm actually celebrating a real valentines day
(yes its true)
you see as i was younger...
there was always problem with parents and bla bla bla bla bla
so yeah...normally girls parents willl bla bla bla bla
all da way on this
so this year
is my 1st year
i'm giving a girl a bouquet of roses
bringing a girl for dinner
drinking wine with a girl in the park
watching a movie with a girl
awesome huh? i'm so so so holy all dis years =D lol
and this girl is none other than my baby
Candice <3
the bouquet that was bought much earlier
the reflections in the car

so yeah actually i was supposed to cook dinner for her
but some stuff happen involving my parents
so yeah she didn't wanna come over to my place
so since it was quite last minute
i had to make last minute reservations
and to tell the truth
i'm not in really good financial terms now also=(
so yeah..i had to fit in to the budget for this year
well its my 1st so..the next should be better right?
we went over to Secret Recipe
as it was affordable for me
its sad when you're not rich
The chips
Grapetiser sparkling juice
appletiser sparkling juice
the beef steak
was rather good as it was not chewy
and it was tender enough
as for the sauce...a lil too peppery
her fish
the dory fish was good
but the sauce was a bit
so yeah
not exactly to say the best meal we had
they tried to cut my carrots to a love shape
well i know i can do much better haha
and the chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream=)
well i know if i did cook
it would be much better
maybe next year
so anyways
after dinner
we headed off to a secluded park
(ernest i'm sry i had to use your name to go
we headed over to wangsa baiduri
where there is a park beside the lake
which was pretty quiet and only another couple with us
at the park
this is the scenary of the lake
we had ice wine
Ice wine is made like normal wines
the grapes are frozen when its processed
so it has a much sweeter taste
compared to normal wines
Canadian Ice Wine

and the best part is
My baby also got me a valentine present
which were crystal wine glasses from germany
always wanted to get em
but crystal wine glasses aint cheap
so yeah
i was so damn happy =)
thanks baby <3
the wine glasses
crystally wheee =D
the wine
baby and me
our shadows
after the park we headed off to the Cinema
to watch the movie
New In Town
it was relatively alright
except the story line was too predictable
but it would be much better compared to watching
the curious case of benjamin burton
as that would be too dramatizing lol
so yeah that was how i celebrated my valentines day
for the 1st time
till da next post

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Goodbye my dear sherry

As the title says
Sherry has officially left the small penis of Asia, Malaysia
to Adelaide, Australia
has been a close friend to me for years
eventhough we stay like a 10 min drive from each other..
we go to the same college...
i'm sry i didn't meet u up recently
as time for me is pretty limited with my crappy schedule
but i just want you to know
once you come back
i would really love to spend more time with you aite?
its a promise =)
about the song i'm supposed to compose
just wait for it kay?
i'll post it up once i do..
which i have no idea when
well u know my problems lately
anyways i just want to wish you all the best
and i'm missing you loads over here
just take care of yourself kay?
thats the only thing i'm worried about when ur there
Sherry and I at the airport
Me, Candice & Sherry
Candice and I reached the airport at about 6.45
which was pretty early as Sherry's flight is only at 9.45
we bummed around the airport waiting as time goes by
and came to the hardest part
where i couldn't contact Sherry as her phone went kaboomed
it was really stressful for me
and i kept on walking around the airport in search of Sherry
about 30-45 minutes i guess
calling friends if they knew Sherry's parents numbers
untill about 8.40
i managed to find Sherry
it was just by luck and instinct that i've found you
it was such a relieve
as i wouldn't wanna miss this flight of yours
and the last time that i'm able to see you =(
Sherry left about 9+ to the departure area
and my tears couldn't be held back anymore
once i saw you go off
i'm sry that yes u asked me not to cry in public
but i just couldn't
thats how much u mean to me..
so darl just take care of urself over there kay?
i'll miss you
take carez darl
-written by an emotional friend-

Friday, February 6, 2009

Horrible day

Today was my off day
which was actually supposed to be filled
with fun and activities
yet it was such a pain and a bore
as everything didn't turn out well
i headed off to AC thinking that Sherry and Adeline
would make it on time to go for a drink
soon to find out that they didn't come
but it was good as now one of my closest friends
Melody was studying at taylors
so she spent about an hour with me during her break
which made me feel better
about Sherry and Adeline..
sherry had to go to the doctors for a jab
so then Adeline didn't come as she needed confirmation from Sherry
so it can be said i was doing nothing at AC for about 6 hours
from 11-5 as sherry only came about 4 after the doctors
but at least sherry made my day by coming
didn't feel so ffk-ed
it was tiring as i didn't get enough rest
and so i headed back to sleep
woke up later as i wanted to go out with my girl
soon to come to Parents Nagging about my relationship
so severe that i could really take a bomb and explode it at myself
it feels like i wanna smoke my lungs out
drink my heart out
and crash my car till i was so severe i would be in critical condition
don't be a part of it dang it...
I don't need YOU nagging at things i should do or dont
and whats worse YOU HAD TO NAG IN FRONT OF HER
what a pain
you know how embarrassing it is?
oh yeah YOU DON'T KNOW
headed off to the apartment to just chill by the pool




as much as i respect you as my parents



i would like to thank My Baby, Sherry and Melody
that cheered me up from morning till night
-written by a pissed off, stubborn and F*cked up son-