The last days of 2008

Well this is a series of events for the
end of the year 2008
it has been a good year
pretty much great experiences
end of the 1st year of college
man a year has passed so fast
so anyways since my mom wasn't here for christmas eve or christmas
i had most of my time with friends
24 December 2008
so as for christmas eve
Candice and I spent time at Josh place with his family
all his uncles and cousins were there
and we were singing..eating...and having a great christmas eve =)

Candice and I
Josh's family
gambling lol
Look at our shirts =) haha
26 December 2008
continuing this post is about Josh's Christmas party
plenty of friends came..
enjoyed our time of giving and sharing
and EATING of course =)
a great bbq cooked up by josh
and lotsa fun by the games we played
"our so called band"
The barbarians
Mervyn, Josh, and I
the twins
Collin and Roy
Drunk on the road lol Obscene crap
after cleaning up the place
we headed off to Asia Cafe for drinks and for pool=)
The whole gang..
gifts from Josh to us both for christmas
The high Janus and Crystabelle
after AC we headed back to Josh's place to sleepover
and this is the result of dumb people..
babiness evon
The last pic of the day
30th- 31st December 2008
well as for this 2 days
Candice, Chun, Christopher, Christopher and Christina and I
went up to genting to enjoy the last of our holidays
as all the "C's" went up to the theme park
me and candice went off to the malls and stuff
as it was really crowded at the park
and i'm stuck on a low budget =X hahaa
my baby and I
the deco at first world hotel
The plaza
The cinema
well we went to watch beverly hills chihuahua lol
lol some scary cinema wall
how empty it was
Candice went for a manicure
do not feed monkeys =D hahaa
First world hotel
The deco

well after the theme park
all of us headed off to Coffee Terrace for dinner
costed like RM60 per person for buffet
but it was worth it =)
the chefs
the deco
coffee terrace
Local Favourites
Nyonya cuisine
Chinese Cuisine
Japanese Cuisine
Western Asian Cuisine
The Dessert section
Christina and Christopher
they both are twins haha
see the similarities? xD
Christopheri had 4 plates of this lol =D
yum =D
Chun's choco top
Chun demonstrating how to eat it
stare at it
suck on it
well after thatwe headed back to Awana hotel at the bottom of the hill
the escalator
theme park at nite
Wai Chun and his hair
orgasmic face lol
so anyways we headed back on the next day =)
31 December 2008
well since its new years eve
i decided to spend time with some of my closest friends and my girlfriend
we headed off to curve as it would be the most happening place close to us =)
Josh me and Candice went off to curve at 7pm
and it was jammed like crazy hahaha
but who cares
Evon was much later than us
Candice and Joshua
Joshua acting cute at ikea
Josh and his big ass ash tray
Josh, Evon, Me, Candice
Candice and Evon
the stoners
*couple to be* lol
my baby
Evon the hornay gal
random pic
me and Vicky
she photoshopped all the pics before i could post it up haha
"its ugly" she says
Our pizza haha
drunk girls
Heineken with the dumbass
another dumbass smoking hahaa
well we did stupid things just to kill time
this is one of em:

inconsiderate parkers haha

we headed off to Cineleisure
as over there
we could see fireworks from 1 Utama and Curve at the same time
lol 3 pandas
inside cineleisure
The dumbasses waiting for da fireworks
the crowded curve
thank God i wasn't down there
My baby and I
random pics
This are the fireworks videos:

he got blinded by the fireworks
The 4 of us after the fireworks
my baby
since we wanted to skip the jam after the fireworks
we planned ahead
so we bought tix for
bedtime stories
way before that day =)
and the jam was so bad it lasted till 2 am...
but we were happily in our movie till 4 =)
Candice feet lol
we headed off back to my place
as they were all crashing at my place
to start off the new year
we opened a bottle of Merlot Wine from France
it was a medium bodied wine
and the taste was really good
The cork
Grand Jacquis
my overly sized fruit cup since i broke my wine glasses hahaa

we headed off to bed
and when we woke up
we took some random pics hahaa
alright this is evons belly...
which looks like her ass crack lol
figure this pic out urself
Evon and Josh
under the sheets
snoring asses
so anyways this wraps up the whole post
till da next post