Holiday Inn Glenmarie KL Industrial training

As i HAVE to go for Industrial Training
since its part of my course..
i've chosen Glenmarie Holiday Inn which is situated in Shah Alam
well it is a 4 star hotel and its recognized worldwide under the
IHG Group
(Intercontinental Hotel Group)
which has more than 4100 hotels worldwide
so well yeah...
its really established hahaa..
so anyways i've started at that hotel on Monday
and we had orientation for 3 days..
so well yeah it really sucked
they talked a lot on the hotels stuff and their policies
a lot of crap la...
my other friends ony had 1 day of orientation
and I'm Stuck with 3!!! OMG
anyways cutting the crap
i'm under the Housekeeping department..
so basically for 2 1/2 months i'll be cleaning and cleaning and cleaning
well its not much of a choice since we ony can choose either F&B or Housekeeping
so anyways my assistant executive housekeeper is Mr. Zack
well he is friendly and everything
yet he is bossy and proud and..
the rest of the staff call him "sotong"
cos his arms and legs are soft and move like sotong..
but overall
he is a good assistant executive housekeeper
continuing the post is our "welcome lunch"
well rather i say that i was not really welcomed
as they (managers) didn't introduce themselves to our table
one of the tables
no one at my table T.T
The Seniors of Taylors College
and the best part is
we had a stupid exam on the orientation =.=
its all about the IHG Ways
my section
the other section

so this are the new employees of the Jan intake
Sara, Mr. Zack, Tajul, *forgot*, Meera, MJ, Eunice
Me, Shafie, Josephine, Hanh, Nurul, Sacci, Shafiq
*forgot*, Mubin, Amy, Wan Chi, Angel, *forgot*, *forgot*

okays i know my memory is damn bad
so anyways the activities we did were like some games, presentations and crap la
thats the bloody orientation hahahaa
dumb games
preparing for presentation
role play
and of course
FOOTBALL lol =.=
My team
the ganas ness
MJ with her penalty shoot
we had handball too
lol dont mess when girls play
thats y i stand so far>> lol
so that concludes this post
lets hope i survive this 2 1/2 months
cheers everyone
all da best in ur industrial training
till da next post