Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year
a time of Giving and receiving ang paos
of course i'm receiving
so please forward ur angpaos to me =D lol
its also a time for oranges
prosperity gods
reunion dinners
and fellowship =)
well Chinese New Year is also know for
"yee sang"
but sadly i didn't get to enjoy any this year
This year we are
MOO-ving into the year of the ox
Tikus sudah lari dah
dan ang pao sudah mari =)
so as usual
my reunion dinner was at my grandmothers place
at section 17 petaling jaya
dressed up nicely..
lol but i still wore BLACK =)
Mom, Me, Sonya, Audrey
well my family on my dads side is rather small
compared to my moms side
so yeah
i only had 2 cousins that came this time
and 1 uncle and 2 auntys
the food
there was sea cucumbers and more sea cucumbers lol
siu yoke
chicken soup
and some other things i forgot hahaaa
so anyways it was a great time with the family
Sonya, Audrey, Me and my cousins Elaine and Christy
headed off to Johor to my mom's side
but we didn't have much of a dinner
as we were late haha
so we just went there to visit my other grandma for a day =)
we headed back
and we went to melaka to stop by
for the ever famous
Chicken Rice Balls
mom wanted to buy another kebaya =S
so yeah..there goes another RM300 for her kebaya lol
so just checkin in on Melaka
This is one shop that everything is growing by the inside
lol c the trees?

anyways i bought a shirt also
and it states:

and u know whats the best part?
they gave a free condom too!!! lol!!
okays thats all for dis post
drive safe and enjoy the ANG PAOS =)
till da next post