Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year
a time of Giving and receiving ang paos
of course i'm receiving
so please forward ur angpaos to me =D lol
its also a time for oranges
prosperity gods
reunion dinners
and fellowship =)
well Chinese New Year is also know for
"yee sang"
but sadly i didn't get to enjoy any this year
This year we are
MOO-ving into the year of the ox
Tikus sudah lari dah
dan ang pao sudah mari =)
so as usual
my reunion dinner was at my grandmothers place
at section 17 petaling jaya
dressed up nicely..
lol but i still wore BLACK =)
Mom, Me, Sonya, Audrey
well my family on my dads side is rather small
compared to my moms side
so yeah
i only had 2 cousins that came this time
and 1 uncle and 2 auntys
the food
there was sea cucumbers and more sea cucumbers lol
siu yoke
chicken soup
and some other things i forgot hahaaa
so anyways it was a great time with the family
Sonya, Audrey, Me and my cousins Elaine and Christy
headed off to Johor to my mom's side
but we didn't have much of a dinner
as we were late haha
so we just went there to visit my other grandma for a day =)
we headed back
and we went to melaka to stop by
for the ever famous
Chicken Rice Balls
mom wanted to buy another kebaya =S
so yeah..there goes another RM300 for her kebaya lol
so just checkin in on Melaka
This is one shop that everything is growing by the inside
lol c the trees?

anyways i bought a shirt also
and it states:

and u know whats the best part?
they gave a free condom too!!! lol!!
okays thats all for dis post
drive safe and enjoy the ANG PAOS =)
till da next post

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wei Wen's Birthday at souled out

Well its been some time since i've updated
Things that happened last week..
Work Eat Sleep Shit
and it goes on over and over again
but i'll be having 4 days off for Chinese New Year
thats something to look up to...teeheee...
okays cutting the crap
on the 23rd of Jan
we celebrated miss Tan Wei Wen's B'day
at Souled out @ hartamas
well her actual b'day is on the 28th
but since its Chinese New Year Season..
celebrated earlier for it =)
it was quite a hectic day for me as i was rushing all over
from work to Candice house to my place to Subang Parade
to Souled out to Wai Chuns house to Candice place and back home
so was really hectic lol
anyways this is what we wore there
We're all black =)
i love her =)

kays so we reached Souled out about 7.45pm
somehow we managed to arrive same time as
miss Tan Wei Wen hahaha
so here goes
and the future
lmao =.=
Miss Tan Wei Wen
The Gift Me and Candice got her lol..
Candice and I
my sayang
so we started ordering as we couldn't wait for Timmy to come
cos he and a few were going to be late
and we were getting hungry hahaa
My Lamb Chops
Chris with his Beef Ribs
Wai Chun with God knows what lol

and soon after that the rest came
so we had a nice dinner over there =)
Bryan, Boon, Tim, Wei Wen
Candice and I
Michael, Bryan, Tim with his lamb shank
Sean, Nimesh, and Michael
Tim and Wen
The Necklace Tim gave wen
its some four leaf clover thingi
stop starring at other places guys! lol
and Tim would enjoy our present haha
Failures of lala acting
Tim, Wen, Chris, Chun
Tim, Wen, Candice, Me
Candice, Me and Boon Han
so after our dinner
then came the cake =) Banana Chocolate from Secret Recipe
Wei Wen with the
"Happy birthday hat"Wen
making her wish with the last candle
cutting the cake
Boon helping to cut the cake
after that we took random shots
since we had nothing much better to do
i like dis shot
pissing lol
This reminds me of Teacher Bettys Wedding
Chunny MOMO
my baby
Bringing back old times
The Receipt
Group pic
take 2
The couple
and the snatch thief lol
we headed back to Wai Chuns house for drinks after that
along with watchin
the house bunny
so anyways
i wanna say
my god i sound like a girl hahaha
the last shot
of course its with Wen =)
that wraps this post up
till da next post

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Of boredom and Training

Industrial Training is taking its effect on me
The aching body and limbs..
the boringness of the job...
how can anyone do such low pay jobs..
i had a few things that cheered me up in the past week
1st things 1st
when the going gets TOUGH
the TOUGH goes shopping!
man i sound like a girl
Girls dont you agree with me on that statement? =D
so anyways
first up..
i'm a guy so i buy guys crap kay? =)
i bought new leather shoes by polo=)
finally i'm having a decent pair of leather shoes compared to the
Bata i always buy last time
lol anyways so this are the shoes
in its wrappinPolo =)
the 2nd thing that i got to pamper myself is
say hello to IXUS 85IS
well as everyone knows i love canon
all the previous cams in my house is canon too
so now there are 3 IXUS in my house lol
the box
10 mega pix
the silver metalic body..
not that slim but slimmer than the other IXUS in my house
with its casingthe back

The other 2 IXUS in my house are:
Canon IXUS 750
Sisters yeah u can see the pink
Canon Ixus 950 IS
Moms/My camera
the 3 IXUS
okay i really have no life lol
well i have another 8 weeks of training
i can die =S haihz
release me of my boredom!
till da next post