Thursday, December 31, 2009

Penang photoshoot

So as for my previous post on Penang

now i shall show you the photos
that Me and Xiang took
while in Queensbay

The Penang Bridge from afar
The winds that were quite strong

all this are the photos of us both
(Yes its sounds so gay but yeah i love the shots LOL)
Looking away..
with the penang bridge
Toe Touch
Xiang's jump
A thinker
Without you here..

well thats all for the photos at queensbay

till the next post!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Penang's hard rock cafe & Lilmejo!

so as for my road trip i was talking about in the few previous post
I'm finally back to blog about it!

i wont write in sequence as

so anyways this is my 3rd destination on my road trip
which is Penang!
as this is a simultaneous post with another 2 bloggers!

Me and Xiang headed to Penang
for a day trip
as some people ffk-ed
hence our accommodation is gone! LOL

so as for our 1st stop:
It is Queensbay mall
where we had our lunch, a little shopping and some photoshoot takes

The photoshoot pics over here will be posted much later =)

so anyways for the other pics:
Queensbay Mall Decoration
Dome Cafe
Chicken Ham Baguette
Seafood Chowder thingi

so after our trip to Queensbay Mall

We headed over to Gurney Plaza
where we met up with one of our fellow cute blogger
which is none other than

so as we were in Gurney Plaza
we enjoyed one of the funniest things
that brought back childhood memories!

which is:
a Dragon Ball Z Performance!!

so as for the time we spent with Jolyn at Gurney Plaza
we just took a few Christmas shoots
at the Christmas tree outside Gurney Plaza=)
Jolyn & Boyfriend
Bullying Lilmejo
Random pose
and lastly our Jump shot!

so as it was already quite late

Me and Xiang headed on to Hard Rock Cafe
which is our main reason of coming to Penang
as there is good food and good music
and is widely recommended by everyone

so here it is:
Hard Rock Hotel
Hard Rock Cafe
Xiang's half chicken
my barbecued half chicken
whats more to ask then a glass of wine with great food?
Xiang Attacking the chicken
The Live band!
everyone dancing to YMCA
The peeps running to the floor!
The Crowd doing a train
even the elderly can dance!

so this ends my Penang post on Hard rock cafe and Lilmejo!

Picture Credits to Xiang


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tm Party!

Well as Tm's Event day is over
There was a appreciation party held at
Rainforest Borneo Club, Sunway

didn't take much pictures
as i was pretty lazy that day

but the amount of work that TM actually put into
this campaign was humongous as we saw the video
that showed all the work and effort TM staff put into it

really feels great to be in such an awesome project!

So as for us we had an
awesome buffet dinner
and had local performances again

the pictures of the night:
Bunkface performing
Buffet YUMZ!
Me & Jessica
who was writing with me for TM
Kevin from Singapore & Chung
Me and Ying Zhi
all the way from Singapore

thats all for this post


Friday, December 25, 2009




lol okay u get the point

Christmas has come once again=D
and i wanna wish all of you


so for starters
enjoy this clip i found for christmas:
yeah this is sooo me LOL WTF

well Christmas is a time of sharing and giving
and for me i really enjoy it

as 1stly..
This is the only time i would have the mood to bake=D
and baking in mass production babehh!!

Pictures of one of my cookies batch
Chocolate Chip Cookies Dough

well if ur wondering how big it is..

It is:
as big as an elephant shit! LOL
Cookies in the oven =D

and well
another reason i like Christmas is because


yeah i'm a shopaholic =.= i admit
and my shopping is not limited to clothes only

For this christmas

i bought a new cupboard! =D
so damn contented with it

Pictures of Cupboards:
Old Cupboard
My New Cupboard!! LOVES
Enough room for all my junk

and well another thing i was able to get is:
My New Pool Cue!
Ahhh~~~ Pretty

and next up will be my DSLR soon! =D

and well as for my Christmas eve
i spent it with my one and only:

we went for dinner at Victoria Station and a movie
well sadly for the dinner
it had good food
except the service was bad as it was full house
and lotsa shit happened

Example of the shit that happened:

My Reservation for the lower cabin DISAPPEARED
hence i had to go upstairs where the cabins were leaking
and the service upstairs is really slow
4 breads and 8 butters for me and Vic?

WTF? =.=

and our drinks came 15 minutes after our main course=.=
and that was after i called several servers and 2 floor managers for more than 10 times!

and as for the bill
I had to wait for 10 minutes just for a bill
and i had to ask 3 different servers!

but anyways the food was alright
and thats the only good thing bout the dinner
My Rib Eye Steak
Victoria's Grilled Salmon & Lamb

after dinner we headed to the cinema
to watch Sherlock Holmes

and well it was a bit different
as there was something unexpected
and it is:
A Choir caroling at the entrance of the cinema

This is like the 1st time i'm seeing this LOL

Well the movie was good
and spending time with her was awesome

and she gave me a Christmas pressie!
Thx sweetie =)
A snoopy plush
with a silver tie pin on it!

yeah i really love ties and tie pins LOL

so anyways that wraps up this post