li ching's b'day at michael angelo

This is rather a late post
this is the celebration of..
Ho Lee Ching's b'day =)
or as what Jean says:
she is finally 18
but she is taken aite! u jangan cuba buat apa apa to her
or i bunuh you
lol what the hell wei...
malay+english = manglish =D
okays so anyways...
celebrated it at Michael Angelo at pyramid
the food there can be considered okay okay only
cos...they didn't make my carbonara well enough haha
the cream and oil were splitting like well
bad experience for my 1st time there
and my present for ching is:
bread in the shape of shit! lol
baked it before going there
awesome huh? lol =)
ching eating the shit lol =D
Jean and Ching
Keong, Me, Boon
Keong, Me, Boon, Ching, Jean
Jean, Ching, Christine, Faye
Thomas with the Girls
Ching with her cake
cutting the cake
Cutting more
lol but she didn't get cake face =(
we were too good adi
lol in this photo
she is not too dark to be seen haha
the rest...cant even see her face lol
okays so anyways
thats the celebration at Michael Angelo
till da next post