Dedicated to Shereen Tan

This post is dedicated to Miss Shereen Tan
who was currently in Aussie =)
and has already came back to Malaysia
we've been friends since form 2 as we met at tuition
the first impression that i had for her was... =)
and u've sparked up my boring life over there ever since
at that time Nimesh was totally digging Sophie lol
anyways i'm really missing u babe
once ur all settled down here
lets go skating shopping and whatsoever kay? =)
man i dont know why i'm doing this..
but the main reason is because of this:
one of the things i've kept for a very long time
and yes i didn't break that promise as i have brought it everywhere =)
This is the Shereen like...4-5 years ago
okay okay i admit i steal ur pics last time =)
well its cos of wei wen's influence kay? =)
and this is how she is...after all this years



okays anyways so i just wanna say

i miss you!

Lets go out once again with wei wen kay? =)

till da next post