College is finally over

Well as the title says
College is finally over for the year
having a 2 1/2 week break till my industrial training for 3 months
so anyways my finals went rather well
and i'll just hope for the Awesome results
Me, Josh, and Evon headed to racks at SS 15 to chill on thursday
believe me
Evon's fluke shots are so damn good...
she might win you in pool haha
but i still beat her overall though =P lol
headed on to Foos though
quite long since i've played
and i didnt go for the foosball nationals as i planned
since my exams were late
so anyways...
trained up Josh
he is still in training mode haha
but I think he'll make a good fooser in the future=)
Joshua Aaron Marks
Fuyo lol =)
The table

we headed over to my place to kill time after going there..
we ended up having a great time singing and so on lol
Dumbasses... hahaa
Models in the making lol
lol i'm so thin i can actually fit Evon's shirt
well now u have an idea on what evon is wearing since i stripped her shirt =D
Exams are finally over so woohoo..
the last pics before we left our beloved college
Sam, Jess, Evon, Merv, Josh
Sam, Jess, Sam =)
A video on Evon's dumb dumbness=D
guess what?
for my college friends
lol he look damn yeng wearing casual hahaa
and also i'll be heading of to Port Dickson tomoro till Tuesday
so i'll be away for a few days=)
shall post up something new after i return
till da next post