Cheer Jam 2008

well it comprises of a
Cheer camp
Coaches conference
its organized by Charm
(CHeerleading Association Register of Malaysia)
in represents Malaysia for Cheerleading
so well as a part of charm
i wanted to further my knowledge and to get my coaching certs
so that i'll be able to coach teams all over=)
the certs that i took were
Cheerleading principles and Ethics
Cheerleading Fundamentals
Stunts & Tumbling I
Stunts & Tumbling II
well the results will be back in a month +
so then i'll get my certs teehee =)
so anyways Cheer Jam was held at University Malaya
from the 11-14th of Dec 2008
it is supported by the NCSSE and ICU of USA
(cheerleading associations)
and sponsored by Telekom Malaysia
plenty of participants for the camp which mainly consist of high school
and for the Coaches conference and certification
there were participants from Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Phillipines
one of the banners
Coaches file
Mcdonalds hahaaa....i'm gonna get fat
okay normal participants only get 2-4 i think
lol Charm members get more lol =)
Awesome pyramid!
wat the hell
Lynette(i think), Me & Bryan
from Aussie
the venue
Shannon from USA coaching the Thailand people
Coaches conference
Crabby that fell asleep
Magdalene and I
Afiqah and Me
Jun Kang
the gayness Michelle from singapore lol she is strong hahaha
Anne Gorman, Samantha Paige Gorman, and Sarah Renner
from the NCSSE of USA
the last pic of the coaches conference=)
so anyways
learnt a lot from this
so next year
it'll change ur cheerleading life=) teehee
next event for Cheer will be
C3 by Charm at Cineleisure Damansara
it'll be a cheer competition
so guys and girls get ready for it
it'll be happening during march =)
okays anyways
thats all for dis event
till da next post