Monkey Jazz & the Wine Cellar

alright first up first up
18th-24th of November
so dont call me
unless u want to be overly charged by Singapore telephone rates=)
will be going there for Asia Conference 2008
to perform and to attend it =)
in the mean time
check out this video
this video is all made by his voice =)
enjoy especially for beatboxers =)
this guy is Beardyman...
who is UK's Beatboxing champion 2 years in a row
enjoy =)

Monkey Jazz
His theorys on Serious Sustainability
(this video is a bit long)
okays continuing the post
had a trip to the Wine Cellar at Bangsar with classmates
oh yeah..there are wine tasting sessions on fridays and saturdays
so yeah u can go there and taste the wines they're promoting for free=)
its located at 65 Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone number is 03- 20931919 and 03-20932919
well its for education reasons as I have Wine Studies for my finals
so well yeah...we learned quite a lot of things
how to drink...value the wine...
how to appreciate ..
so on and so on...
and it is great as taylors students get reasonable prices =)
and the wines there are considered quite good and reasonably priced
and the best part was
some of em classmates got drunk =) haha
but not much photos though =S
wine cellar at bangsar

the sober jinn

and the drunkard celine
lol!! =)

and this is how much tissues malaysians waste lol =)

the boredomness
okay this happened during english i-elts class
well u know la
english classes are boring normally
so this is what happens
shall update soon
cos got nothing much to blog now haha =)
till da next post