A moment with your Kakiis

A Moment with my Kakiis
first photo up
Joshua and I
well u'll find the reason of this photo in the middle till the end of this post
it was a saturday morning
woke up early at 7am surprisingly
and Early is something which doesnt describe me
as my other kakiis are snoozing and sleeping
i knew one that would possibly say yes to me
so i rang candice up
and yes she is a late waker like me
and as i said possibly
it was possible!
so i drove over to her place about 8.30 am in the morning
and we headed off to kota kemuning to eat our breakfast
she had toast and orange juice
while people like me with a big appetite..
ate Prawn mee, dim sum and a cup of tea
man i'm feeling so old
the dim sum was rather bad as the "hak kau"
was soggy and it doesnt look like it was edible
so as the morning was still early
and it was cold outside
we headed off to the park of kota kemuning..
its big...with a lake...and a nice pathway for morning walks
so we chilled and chatted there till about 10 in the morning
Candice and I

well as the sun came up
it was getting hot
so we were blurring of where to head next
and a random person came up in our mind
well he is another kaki but he really sleeps like a pig
so we headed off to his house
and as usual...he was still sleeping
eventhough i called plenty of times
he was still fast asleep
reminds you of someone isnt it? ^^
so anyways..
his maid let us in
and we headed off to his room
Joshua and Calvin were sleeping like logs...
eventhough plenty of knocks and pushing him around
he was still sleeping
till bout 5 minutes later he started mumbling the words
"samuel and candice"
and he thought it was all a dream hahaha...
so as he woke up...
this is the 1st thing we saw
guess whats that?

.its the sleepy head josh!! =D
another view and morning breath
(oh yea...he ain't a chinese)

so well yeah it took him a lot of time to get ready
and changed and so on
as he was so cuddled up in his blanket
so since he already woke up
we headed off to padang jawa
its somewhere near klang
for the famous bah kuh teh
man i'm really a pig
eating so much just moments after breakfast
the car ride
candice and I
Joshua at the Bah Kut Teh Shop
the empty bowl of bah kut teh
candice and the art of tea
The Bah Kut Teh was really good
as the soup was thick
full of fats, meat and intestines
the bill came up to RM21
not sure whether its reasonable though
so anyways after Bah Kut Teh we headed off to subang
to play pool as there weren't any decent area's at shah alam or klang
so we headed off to Rack's cafe at SS 15 Subang Jaya
had a few games of pool and foosball
and surprisingly..
Joshua's skills have really came rusty..
he used to be really good
so hrmm..
train up boy! =D
we headed off to my place after pool
and we did really stupid things..
Joshua was pretty emotional with the guitar...
well he is a part time guitarist
while Candice was busy...
drawing on Joshua's skin with highlighters
this is mine! lol
and joshua with the masks and so on hahaha
yeah thats my room...dont mess!
and he started jumping on me for no reason
well it was a really great day
spending it with em
so headed back to Shah Alam
to send em back
and Josh was locked out as he didn't have the house keys
aww poor thing
so anyways he just chilled around till god knows when
sent candice back after that
and was really tired after that =S
well u know i ain't a morning person
and really grateful
as my kakiis spent a day with me =)
so anyways that concludes this post
till da next post