Halloween at Euphoria

i still havnt got any
feedback bout my monkey T.T
Went over to Euphoria for Halloween last friday
it was kinda a big event...it was packed up
and there were 10 innercircle memberships to be given out
but we didn't get any
so anyways
Me, Ernest, Eugene and Shin Yee went in quite early
just for free entrance hahaa=)
I dressed up as an Inspector..
Shin Yee as an angel xD
Eugene as a...mechanic? lol =S
and Ernest =.= as himself lol
its a costume party la bugger
so anyways this is the entrance:

Me and Ernest

Shin Yee without wings =D
so anyways we chilled there and waited for the rest to come
as usual
Steven is always late haha
so we chilled at the deq

Ernest and I

Ernest and Shin Yee
some candid pic
advertising my fedora =)
so Steven and the rest came about 11.30+ i guess
so first up we have our two bunnies =)
Ivan and Kaori
another pose
Ivan =)
with stevens mini coop
and theres steven =)

lol the wth poseErnest the pimp finally took my other outfit lol

so anyway we headed inside
opened only 2 bottles of chivas
and played stupid games for drinking
and ended up with Shin Yee Ko-ed


Shin Yee and I
i just cant smile with the hat
Eugene and Steven
so anyways the party continued till about 2
where we had to carry Shin Yee to the car and send her home
she was pretty much ko-ed till everything came out
poor thing
but its a lesson for you babe!
dont drink so much hahaa =)
anyways tats all for halloween
till da next post