Asia Conference 2008

Well finally i'm gonna blog about this
its the
by City Harvest Church Singapore

since there is no Emerge 2008 this year
it is called as Asia Conference
as there are less tournaments and competitions
and World Class speakers came to talk
such as

Rev. Dr Kong Hee
Rev. Benny Hinn
Rev. Dr Ulf Ekman
Rev. Dr A.R. Bernard
Rev. Dr Phil Pringle
Pastor Christine Pringle
Rev. Mike Connell
and more

so yeah it was a mega event
which City Harvest had to use nearly all the Singapore Expo halls
there were about 25000 delegates that came from all over the world
so yeah...its MEGA lol =)
It started on the 19th of Nov till the 23rd of Nov

There were guest artist
from the christian music industry
such as

Don Moen
Carola Haggkvist
True Worshippers
C3 Band
Alison Yap
Annabel Soh

and guest artist from taiwan such as

Liu Geng Hong
Vivi Tang
Lin Jun Jie

a few more which i forgot the names..
too bad this time
Fir, Sun Ho, Jay Chou and Tank couldnt make it

well there is always Asia Conference 2010 =) hehe
okays so lets start up
there are about 20 busses going down to singapore
so i boarded the bus at 8 am on 18th of Nov
so nearly the whole pos and dance team were in the same bus
some of our members playing around"

my hand =D with boonDennis

Sarah the Jive Queen

our two flyers for Cheerleading


(malaysia's sytycd top 5)

Ern Ai the hiphop dancer

Cheryl the Choreographer

okays so anyway we reached singapore about 2pm+

cos of kastam and so on...yeah

so bus takes a bit longer compared to car as usual
one of the funniest things i saw at the staircase at the bus stop:

lol singaporeans are awesome

okays so as we reached

the Cheer Squad had to rush off to Expo 8 to rehearse

cos we're like the opening act for the whole conference

cool huh?

performing in front of so many =)

The Van ride

Sarah the Capitan

The driver =)

so anyways we reached expo about 30 minutes after that
Singapore drivers really drive according to limits compared to Malaysians hahahaha
whats the use of such nice and big cars when u go according to limits
so anyways the empty expo hall:


so we practised about 4 hours straight
cos there was a change in routine and everything
yeah it was damn tiring
and the change of routine twisted our heads
well after our rehearsals
we headed off for dinner and reached orchard road about 8pm
Dumb malaysians using the MRT to orchard hahaha
Markie and I
Amelia and Leera
Boon and Nicole...
me and leera
pastor boon haha
orchard road
dumb malaysians =)
spot the free hugs
and justin went for it hahaha
with God all things are possible! =)
where we ate
orchard road
the sleepy head dancers
Sarah Goh and I

we headed back to our respective hostels after that

it was kinda late and different hostels

some were at eton...some at dragon inn and so on

so yeah...we kinda booked a lot of hostels

cos we have 1000 delegates from our church

so anyways that concluded the day we arrived at sg

19th of November 2008
so anyways the next day
woke up about 9am and took the bus to Expo
cos there was a conference briefing for the international delegates
250+ delegates from eton hall
the crossroads
the road we stayed in
Sarah, me and Jorida
the dining area for briefing
Serene and I
Sarah Goh
the dance crew
an insane bugger
oh singapore...
u always have to use the underpass or overpass or zebra crossin
no such thing as jay walking
this is not malaysia *sighs*
so anyways after the briefing
the cheer team went to the conference hall to practise
its like Malaysia + Singapore doing the same performance
stressful =X
cos we havnt actually even rehearsed together properly lol
Shadows =D
Daniel and I
My small sister nicole
and the abang nico lol =)
Chair =)
Singapore + Malaysia Team
another view
i shall upload the vid soon cos i still cant find a clear one =)
so anyways the performance wuz great
the whole thing was sumthin like beijing olympics wei hahaha
all the march pass and so on
so yeah that night wuz totally awesome =)
so after the whole thing
we headed off to the bus to return to our hostels
while walking to the bus
we saw things that are incredible
its a form of art
introducing...model number 1!
erotic =D
lawl hahaha i have no idea how to describe this one
so anyways that concludes day 1 of the conference
20th of Nov 2008
today we had to wake up early
as we have to leave our hostels about 2 hours before the session starts...
so the session started at 9..
so we left about 7 from the hostel
me and antonia in the bus
the walk to the foyer
a classic pic=)
the hall (expo 8)
alright u see behind and on top?
the behind is not a normal projecter...
its a mega large LCD screen
and at the top..the 4 longish things are LED screens
awesome huh? =D
thats how much the church spends on lighting and display..
Siew Fong, Michelle, Antonia, Belle, Boon Yen and Me
see all the icons on the LED screen hahaha
me and charis (singapore cheerleader)
so anyways after the morning session
i didn't go for the electives in the afternoon
cos i wanted to meet up with Bern and Yuqii
its like a year plus i havn't met em
so i headed off to Bugis to find em
and this is a thing i didn't do in a long time:
neoprints hahaha
really long since i've done it...
5 or 6 years i think
so anyways we walked and talked and caught up on old times
a classic smile haha
and they bought this for me=.=
badge number 1
badge number 2
okay i'm not that perverted aite? =)
Christmas tree in bugis
kids playing with water
Bugis street
a very large fan
the mall
Bern, Yuqii and I
us 3 again
Yuqii and I
Me and Bern
well i headed back that night to Expo for the night session...
there was a performance by Don Moen and Carola Haggvist
and praise and worship were led by True Worshippers from Indonesia
Rev Ulf Ekman also preached a good message
but it was kinda draggy..
so was still good
21st Nov 2008
it was another 2 session in the morning with
Rev A.R. Bernard and
Rev. Phil Pringle
both sessions were great as Rev A.R Bernard
preaches totally out of the box
and Rev Phil Pringle
began praying for nations and so on
the C3 Band also performed in the morning sessions
and for the night session it was the CHC band
with Rev Kong Hee
me and boon
look at Burger King's burgers
okays so anyways
after the sessions
the Cheer team headed off to Geylang road
i tell u
there were so many "chickens" there walking around offering themselves
and most of em were guys
so now if u wanna go have fun u can go there =)
well besides the "chickens"
the food at Geylang is pretty good
we went to one of the shops...
with pretty fantastic mee and kuayteow
My kuey teow
Feeding Amelia lol
Group pic
after the food
Justin + Leena + i donno lol
Nico and I
Sarah, Nicole & Eric
she is finally tall for once
Amelia and I
the lamers
we walked about 20 minutes after supper
and headed to another place at geylang
which served soya bean + yew char kuay
sry cos of the terrible grammar haha
i mean its a weird combination yet a lot of ppl were there
dipping it =)
look at nicole's face haha
so anyways that concludes the day
22 Nov 2008
it is a very important day
as Rev Benny Hinn is coming to speak for the night session
it would only start at 7pm at night
but at 12pm many were queing up in the overflow room
when i reached there at about 12.15
there were about 1000 ppl waiting in there already
thats how good he is
cos he is a healing evangelist i'm the only non nigerian =D
the sign board
This is how big their overflow room is

at about 4.30
they allowed us to go into the main hall
it was totally packed with ppl the stage
the main hall
so well
since Benny Hinn is a healing evangelist
it was really awesome
as u can actually see
the lame can walk..
the daft can hear..
the ppl with disabilities suddenly transformed to normal
it was really amazing..
if u ever hear benny hinn next time
dont miss it =)
that concludes 22th nov
23rd Nov 2008
the last and final day
well u know everything is really rushed and everything
wuz so tired cos of everything
i could actually sleep anywhere lol
and guess what?
i saw a Limited Edition GTR

okays so anyways the que for the sunday service wuz really long too
as i said 25000 ppl for a service hahaha
Me and Boon Queing up
Serene, me and Jocelyn
the que
Belle and I
Me and Daniel
Antonia, Boon Yen, Belle, Me

had an amazing sermon by Rev. Phil Pringle
and worship with the C3 band
at the lunch session
most of the cheerleaders sat together
so its like Malaysia+Singapore together gether hahaa
the cheerleaders
Candice, Me, Gordon, Daniel & Joshua
Me, Candice, Gordon, Daniel
well this is the last session for the night
it was so packed..
it was very hard to get in
Me, Joshua & dennis behind
Vanessa and I

okays as i said
the last nite is the best night
Rev A.R. Bernard was preaching again
but yet...
it was amazing as...
there was a performance by the taiwan celebrities =)
Rev Kong Hee & Liu Geng Hong
the taiwan Celebrities
i donno whats her name
i oso donno his name

and there was a special performance by Lin Jun Jie =)
Lin Jun Jie
Me, Justin and Daniel
well the whole conference is over already
it was really energy taking
but yet worth it
it ended up with all the hugs and good byes
really sad though
as we wont see each other for another year or 2
so yeah...thats sad
but overall
i think that this was like the best conference i've ever been to =)
and now i'm back in Malaysia=)
okays that concludes this post