Holiday Villa

the last day of the holidays
well practically its been a boring day
till Ernest called me up
and asked to go swimming at my club
(holiday villa)
well so i agreed wif him
and we went off to holiday villa with Wai Chun and Venice
walao this dam villa now dam calculative
"you can only bring in 2 friends only..the 3rd wan must charge"
omg wei...stupid management i pay so much for nuts ah?
anyways so poor Ernest had to fork out RM10
stupid management..
toot toot toot...
anyways so we just continued wif the swim la..
our main star...Venice
the naughty side
me and momo who cant swim
the EMO crew =D
Chun & Venice
Venice and I
the 3 of us
some splashing effect
the 2nd one failed
the 3rd was too much

so anyways after the swim..
went off to the restrooms to bath and change
well its kinda scary now as it looks haunted
cos renovation works are still going on now there
the following content might contain 18sx pics
and might be disturbing to some eyes
for those who are adventurest
just enjoy it lol =Dshowing off
Guys in Speedos


censored! lol =D

okays enuf wif the pics...
we went off to Salmon steak for supper after that
as we were damn hungry
Ernest Chicken Chop & Fish Fillet
some random pic

okay that concludes this post
till da next post