TGI fridays Mint celebration

its finally the POS dinner we've been waiting for
well we didn't have a chance to use our RM1000 fridays voucher
since winning the championship on 31st august
at Emerge KL 2008
at the Sunway Convention Centre
so anyways...
finally after 1 month and 20 days
we finally are able to meet up and celebrate it =)
some couldnt come but most were able to
Nico Mong had severe muscle cramps..
Haruka is at Japan
and Jill had some family plans
but the rest including Theo came =)
well we were supposed to meet there at 7
but u know..
Malaysian Timing
reached there at 8 lol!! =)
we started to fill up the long table given to us
and began ordering
(no pics on food as i was too busy eating)
the table
Amelia Darlin and I Amelia
Chocolatey =D
Nicole and I were snapping each other lol
Baby nicole and I
Cindy the ballerina
the lovely couple Boon and Careen
Leena and I
Justin and Amelia
look at the guitars =D
Justin and I

not long after that
we celebrated Ian Lee's b'day
it was fantastic as..
she is finally 18
and the Fridays Staff were really spontaneous and crazy
not to mention hamsap lol =)
but who cares haha
Ian Lee Giving her speech
Trying to blow it away

Fridays Cheer

Fridays Crew making fun of themselves haha
the celebration cupcakes lol
yummzz =)
group pic =)
another group pic

yum seng! lol

Till cupcakes do us part hahaa =) Mass cupcaking
roy terkena his baju
look at Careens expression lol
Sarah Checkin the bill
lol this is so..
no comments hahaa
one is full one is a poser =)
Winnie Choo
Group pic
Markie and Lyra
The bill after minusing the RM1000 lol
group pic outside fridays
another group pic
Winnie darlin =)
Sarah the lovable mom =)
Ian Lee the b'day girl

well we went back about 11pm
stuff till the brim
and had an awesome time
till da next post