Pavilion "Kolams" and Chinese Landyards & a swim with Sarah

A trip to KL
man its been so long since i've went to KL
but since we taylors students have an extra holiday
some of us decided to go and enjoy a day out
so the people that went wuz Mervyn, Andrew, Samantha & Eunice
we left subang about 11 am and reached Pavilion about 11.30
and to my surprise
there was a record trying to be made
to beat the older record in the
Malaysian Book of Records
it was the Chinese Landyard record
they did an astonishing 60metres of painting
it wuz really beautiful..
but too bad i didn't video the whole thing
so u can just view glimpse of it from afar
well i dont know whether it broke the previous record
but well...
its nice to see =)
imagine my whole living room covered with it lol
so anyways here it is:

well continuing the post
i've went around to find the deepavali "kolams"
Lim Kok Weng Students did 7 kolams
but i ony managed to find 3
as i was too lazy to walk hahaa =)
really impressive
but i still feel that its kinda cheating
as they have already cut out the "kolams" shape on hard cardboard
and just place the rice on top of the cardboard..
so it ain't like a real "kolam" where they would just design it on the floor
anyways maybe they were rushing for time or something
so here are the 3 kolams:
Kolam 1 picture
the 1st kolam
kolam 2 picture
the 2nd kolam
kolam 3 picture
the 3rd kolam
so anyways thats all for the kolams
we headed off to the food court and decided to eat
since we were still early for the movie
Andrew and I bought the XXL fried chicken
Sam and Eunice had Oyster mee sua or something like that
and merv..i have no idea what he ate lol
the table
candid shot
Eunice and I
Andrew, Me, Eunice, Samantha, Mervyn
so anyways Samantha had to go back early
so she left for the monorail and headed home
while the 4 of us went to watch Tropic Thunder
and guess what?
i realized Pavilion GSC Ticketing lady really did suck
1stly i asked for the movie at 2.20
she gave me the movie at 12.20
omg wei
and the best part wuz
i was so confident in them that they would not make a mistake
so i didn't check my tix
and the 2nd part that makes another GSC staff suck
is that he wasn't observant
he just let us through to get to our cinema room
eventhough the ticket stated there 12.20
but in all bad cases...there are good staff too
theres one guy at the cinema who came and help us out
and straight away got us new seats
so well..
it wasn't all that bad..
the movie was okay
but with ben stiller
u know it is funny hahaha
so anyways after the movie
we headed back as we didn't wanna get stuck in the jam
so Andrew walked back to KLCC as it was his moms office
while Me, Merv and Eunice headed back
and the best part was our parking ticket
now u know how expensive parking in pavilion cost
damn!! lol
so anyways we headed back..and camwhored in the car
Eunice and Me
Me and Mervyn
Me, Mervyn, Eunice
at night
Sarah called me out
as she wanted to go for a swim
so since i had nothing to do
we went over to Holiday Villa
and somehow the staff there was a new one
he was so obligated by the rules
and didn't let Sarah in for free=.=
oh come on..
this sucks!
i pay Holiday Villa how much and u still ask for money from sarah?
lousy club! =S
so anyways we swam..
i died out at 2.5 laps and sarah did 4
omg i'm so weak already
this is the effects
of not swimming for a long time
a torn hamstring
and a twisted ankle
anyway we played silly games in the pool
and since she was short
she started jumping around in the pool as it was 2.1 metres lol =)
Sarah being herself lol
lol guys keep ur things in ur pants!
Sarah and I
2nd shot
3rd shot
and soon after that
we started to get crazy outside the pool hahaha
such as..
She pees like a man! lol
and jumps for joy
this is what you get when you jump with a tight towel lol
and the effects of my torn hamstring
my left leg cant be straight T.T
Monkeys do this
and another monkey follows lol
and she hugs the lamp post lol
so anyways after swimmin for nearly 2 hours
we headed off to drive through McD
and ate and talked there till about 11pm
and headed home after that
in the car
last pic of the day
so anyways it has been a tiring day
yet fun and enjoyable
till da next post